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FoBoGro’s Bringing Back the Neighborhood Food Mart in Foggy Bottom

Craving a PB&J and pale ale at 10 p.m.? An old town neighborhood mart where everybody knows your name? Wait no more. After months of delay, the old Foggy Bottom Grocery at 2140 F St. is set to open in February. The newly renovated “FoBoGro,” as it's called, will operate seven days a week, from [...]

Neighborhood Watch: GWU Students Need Late-Night Food, Residents Need Quiet

The Issue: The old Foggy Bottom Grocery at 21st and F Streets was known by most George Washington University students as “the sketchy purple place”- perfect for last-minute beer runs, and little else. In June, a former GWU Student Association president bought the place and started renovating it with the [...]