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D.C. Council Tables Permanent Cannabis Club Ban, Approves Task Force to Study Them

Legal-weed advocates largely saw the vote as a victory.

D.C. Council Committee Approves Language for Permanent Cannabis Club Ban

A Council vote this afternoon was a low for legal marijuana advocates.

Marijuana Activist Promises ‘Strike’ From Weed to Support Living Wage

Sort of.

D.C. Booze Police Removed From Pot Patrol

Mayor Adrian Fenty's  administration sparked some heady debate when it announced plans this past summer to put city liquor regulators—not health officials—in charge of medical marijuana distribution in the District.
Oh, sure, patients and doctors would register with the Department of Health, but the growers and sellers would instead be subject to the city's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board [...]

Weekend in Review: Don’t Forget to Take Your Acid! Love, Mom

The Washington Post Magazine's lead story Sunday involved a twenty-something who goes to India to find his uncle, who's become some sort of Hare Krishna guru-king.
It turns out that when your uncle's a guru, he acts a little weird. He sits on a bed with the writer in silence, smirking. But I think the weirdest [...]

These D.C. Summer Jobs Are Smokin’ (Marijuana)

Gotta love the Summer Youth Employment Program: Nothing like a hard day's work to teach kids a thing or two about holding a job and personal responsibility and keep them away from things like gangs, violence, and illicit substances.
Well, gangs and violence, anyway.
A City Desk reader captured this sight with a cell phone cam yesterday [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Great Escape Edition!

G'day,citizens. Daschle's out; so's Kwame Kilpatrick, but in a different way. Let's get to the links.
*D.C. Police are still on the lookout for Corey Harrison, the slippery fellow who went AWOL on his child support and then, once in custody, escaped from the United Medical Center in the 1300 block of Southern Ave. [...]

Man Drops Drawers, Fires Gun in Front of Cops; Lawyer Compares Him to Nats

The Legal Times' Mike Scarcella covered a gem of a case this week in D.C. Circuit Court. Antoine Blalock, who claims to be a music performer, was convicted following his arrest in front of the the D.C. police 7D substation on Alabama Avenue SE. According to testimony, Blalock pulled a handgun out of his trunk, [...]

why.i.hate.dc Is Back!

And the new guy likes to get high.