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D.C.ers, This Is How You Can Make It Into the New York Times Wedding Section

There's a new database out there to supplement your weekly dose of matrimonial elitism. Wedding Crunchers has compiled 60,000 wedding and engagement announcements over the last 30 years from the the New York Times wedding section of record, allowing users to search through these archives by keyword and generate charts based on the changing frequency of [...]

The Needle: Again? Edition

Corruption R Us: A day after federal prosecutors warned District politicians last summer that they'd be caught if they broke the law, then-D.C. Councilmember Michael Brown allegedly took the first of what would be $55,000 in bribes from undercover FBI agents. Oops. At least Brown managed to lose his seat before facing federal felony charges; [...]

Gay Couples: Prepare to Get Hitched!

Earlier today, the D.C. Court of Appeals declined to stay the impending legalization of same-sex marriages in Washington.
In a terse opinion [PDF] today, the appeals court refused to overturn a Superior Court judge's decision not to postpone the District's same-sex marriage from going into effect. Which means, barring some unlikely congressional intervention, come next Wednesday, [...]

I Don’t Care That You Recently Got Married

Why, hello there, person who attended my high school. Thank you for requesting to reconnect with me via a social networking Website. It appears that you've recently become someone's wife.
At first I wasn't so sure that you had recently gotten married. But then I noticed that you had changed your last name to a completely [...]