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The Needle: Trees and Leaves Edition

Outfoxed: When President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama went to Shiloh Baptist Church for Easter services, it should have been a boon for the Shaw house of worship—publicity is always nice, after all, and a presidential visit brings a lot of good publicity. And also, apparently, a lot of hate mail. After the [...]

The Needle: Surrender, Dorothy Edition

One City Under a Logo: An iconic image or logo can set the tone for how the world sees your brand. That's what Madison Avenue marketers tell corporate clients every day; it's also, apparently, what Mayor Vince Gray deeply believes. How else to explain the news that the District is printing up new stationary, business [...]

Photos: This Time Last Year

February Snow, 2010

Photo: Snowman

January, 26

Photo: Washington City Paper SkyKam

SkyKam, January 26, 4:44 pm

Photo: Snow Falling On Weed Tree

January 11

November in Photos

The Needle: Tornado Edition

Virginia is for Gay-Bashers: Turns out the Transportation Security Administration was hoping more people would opt out of the scans and force them to touch their junk last week. Or at least, such is the feverish conspiracy theory espoused by Loudon County Board of Supervisors member Eugene Delgaudio. The TSA patdowns, Delgaudio declares, are all [...]

Photo: Tuesday, it’s Raining

Columbia Road NW, November 16

Photos: Saturday, Blustery Bluff

September, the Month in Photos

Photos: Driving Rain

The Needle: Plácido, We Hardly Knew You Edition

Adios, Plácido: Local opera company seeks new artistic director and general director. Tenor singing voice, fluency in Spanish a plus; must not enjoy long walks on the beach, at least not if the beach is in Los Angeles. For that's where Plácido Domingo has fled Washington National Opera for, after 14 years in D.C., the [...]

The Needle: Stink Bug Edition

Smelly + Insect = Nasty: The only thing worse than an infestation of bugs is an infestation of really, really smelly bugs. Which is apparently exactly what the region is about to deal with, as "stink bugs" start coming out of the woodwork. Killing them releases their odor, which is a pretty good reason to [...]

The Needle: Metro Conquers All Edition

Metro Opens More Doors: If the Metro seemed a little more crowded than normal this spring, it was—transit officials say ridership in April through June of this year increased by 1.2 percent over last year. The reason? The (slowly) improving economy. As more people get back to work, they need to find a way to, [...]