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The Needle: Butt Slasher Edition

No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts: Last year's odd criminal on the loose in suburban D.C. retail establishments was the semen sprayer, who approached women in grocery and craft stores near Gaithersburg and, as the name implied, squirted semen on them from a bottle he carried. This year? It's the butt slasher. Police released video of [...]

The Needle: Buy Swiss Francs Edition

Can You Pay My Bills?: The last time the U.S. faced a major budget crisis was in April, when it wasn't clear that Congress would be able to get its collective shit together to pass legislation in time to keep the government of the nation that purports to be the most powerful in the world [...]

Unions: D.C.’s Broken Ambulances Too Hot to Handle

This week, the District has been besieged by relentless heat. It’s uncomfortable, perhaps even more so, for those on the verge of death. When that's the case, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, firefighters, and registered nurses think D.C. ambulances shouldn't be a very uncomfortable 107 degrees. In a statement released today, union leaders for those groups [...]

The Needle: Trees and Leaves Edition

Outfoxed: When President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama went to Shiloh Baptist Church for Easter services, it should have been a boon for the Shaw house of worship—publicity is always nice, after all, and a presidential visit brings a lot of good publicity. And also, apparently, a lot of hate mail. After the [...]

The Needle: Surrender, Dorothy Edition

One City Under a Logo: An iconic image or logo can set the tone for how the world sees your brand. That's what Madison Avenue marketers tell corporate clients every day; it's also, apparently, what Mayor Vince Gray deeply believes. How else to explain the news that the District is printing up new stationary, business [...]

Photos: This Time Last Year

February Snow, 2010

Photo: Snowman

January, 26

Photo: Washington City Paper SkyKam

SkyKam, January 26, 4:44 pm

Photo: Snow Falling On Weed Tree

January 11

November in Photos

The Needle: Tornado Edition

Virginia is for Gay-Bashers: Turns out the Transportation Security Administration was hoping more people would opt out of the scans and force them to touch their junk last week. Or at least, such is the feverish conspiracy theory espoused by Loudon County Board of Supervisors member Eugene Delgaudio. The TSA patdowns, Delgaudio declares, are all [...]

Photo: Tuesday, it’s Raining

Columbia Road NW, November 16

Photos: Saturday, Blustery Bluff

September, the Month in Photos

Photos: Driving Rain