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Washington Gets Hysterical About Snow, and That’s OK

The day after the snow day without much actual snow, Washington's getting it from all sides. The Post's Dan Zak blames the city's panicked reaction on residents "being the queeniest of drama queens." Zak's colleague, op-ed page writer and aspiring humorist Alexandra Petri, took to the streets to show just how little snow was sticking [...]

Dupont Circle Snowball Fight Doesn’t Have Enough Snow

Despite increasingly desperate tweets from the Capital Weather Gang, it looks like the snowstorm is going to be a soggy flop in the District. That presents problems for people who needed a heavy snowfall, like participants in the Official Dupont Circle Snowball Fight.
The organizers of the fight, presumably "official" because it's endorsed by Rear Admiral Samuel [...]

The Snowquester: An Etymological Debate

Jonathan L. Fischer: Lots of people seem to be taking umbrage with the Washington Post's unilateral naming of this week's potential snowstorm. These people are wrong. Although I tend to oppose premature declarations of memes, this time the Post's Capital Weather Gang is on the right track: If there is massive snowfall this week, it [...]

The Needle: Wild Wild Worst

Saloony: Washingtonian claims that saloons are D.C.'s next hot drinking trend. Do we have to? -4
Graham Won't Back Down: You'll have Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham to kick around for a while longer, according to a statement from his office. The first sentence: "I am not resigning." +/-0.

District Line Daily: Fickle Weather

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Today's weather will be unusually springlike—until it turns into a thunderstorm.

Kennedy Center wants [...]

The Needle: Mudbowl

Mud: Super Bowl-bound Ravens player Ed Reed is no fan of the turf at the Pigskins' FedEx Field:
For all that money down in D.C. man, you'd think that field would be better. That field sucks," Reed said of the Redskins' home turf. "That field was all mud. It was like that guy was running on [...]

Photos: Friday, Three Things

Mt. Pleasant Street NW, January 25

Is D.C. Snow Safe to Eat?

The snowfall expected for this afternoon has started, and you might be tempted to get whimsical and eat some snow. But is catching snowflakes in your mouth, especially in an urban area, safe?
We're not talking about sludge on the ground here. This is poaching snowflakes out of the air, or if you like to live [...]

The Needle: Scorcher

Can't Take the Heat: While today feels unusually cold, 2012 was unusually warm. According to temperatures recorded at Reagan National, last year was Washington's warmest yet. As WJLA points out, the 61.5 degree average puts D.C.'s climate in the same league as cities like Oklahoma City and Atlanta.  -2
Space Happenings: Watch out for a meteor [...]

Photos: Yesterday’s Fog

Mount Pleasant, October 2

Photo: Tuesday’s Weather

Memorial Bridge, October 2

The Needle: What a Nice Day

Metro Program Poorly Managed: WJLA discovers that Metro's job application website could be easily manipulated, using just an applicant's email address, to reveal their resume, phone number, and salary requirements. -1
Guns Rule, Say Youths: Pro-gun young people, many of them from Virginia, rallied in front of the Wilson Building today to promote looser gun laws [...]

Photos: Bird

Bird 1, July 10

The Needle: Free the Rocket

Hot Town, Summer in the City: The summer heat is back, starting tomorrow. The temperature on Thursday is expected to hit 98 degrees. -8

The Needle: No Parking Edition

Parking Profits: It turns out you're not making it up—D.C. actually does issue more parking tickets than most other cities. That's according to data AAA Mid-Atlantic got via a Freedom of Information Act request, which showed the District collected more in fines last year than ever before and that the city's 17,000 metered spaces generated [...]