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D.C. Evicts Remaining Whitehurst Campers

Outreach work continues

Watergate Exxon Prices No Longer at Iconic Levels

When the famously expensive Watergate Exxon gas station closed for renovations and an operator switch last year, the fate of the station's prices was unclear. Always hovering high above prices elsewhere in the city—and even in the neighborhood—the Exxon's prices were a favorite of TV news crews looking to illustrate a story about rising gasoline [...]

“Everything Here Is Negotiable”

As of last night, the Washington Post has tightened its policy on the sharing of drafts after one of its reporters, Daniel de Vise, showed a version of a story he was writing to some of its subjects. "Everything here is negotiable," de Vise wrote to a spokesperson at the University of Texas. But that's apparently [...]

Who Do Watergaters Think They Are?

A fabulous feud festers along the banks of the Potomac.
The residents of the Watergate are trying to muscle the National Park Service into getting rid of trees along the river because they block the view and reduce property values at the iconic condo.
The feds, for now, say the trees will stay.
"If every time someone’s view [...]

Route 29, Where Are You?

In the not-really-news-but-still-sorta-interesting department, City Desk gets results! You may recall that I've been closely following the saga of some signs around Dupont Circle that have pointed drivers in the direction of Route 29, a U.S. highway connecting the Baltimore area with Pensacola, Fla. The problem is, as I first pointed out more than five [...]

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Cheap Seats Daily: Are the Redskins Using Robert Henson to Protect Zorn, Campbell, Snyder, FedEx, Etc…?

Dim WitsGate™ makes it to the front page of the Washington Post! That means the story of Robert Henson's Twittered insults of Redskins fans — calling them "dim wits" and saying they "work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds" — occupies the same real estate where Watergate became the original -Gate!
Bottom line: Cheap Seats Daily's hype [...]