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District Line Daily: Go-Go No-Go for Chuck Brown Park

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Plans for a memorial park for go-go musician Chuck Brown are in trouble after neighborhood opposition.

Watergate Exxon Prices No Longer at Iconic Levels

When the famously expensive Watergate Exxon gas station closed for renovations and an operator switch last year, the fate of the station's prices was unclear. Always hovering high above prices elsewhere in the city—and even in the neighborhood—the Exxon's prices were a favorite of TV news crews looking to illustrate a story about rising gasoline [...]

Watergate Exxon Only Closed Temporarily

Update, 5:30 p.m.: Mamo writes back to say that Roland Joun, the station's last  operator and a longtime thorn in Mamo's side, has sold the business to a new operator. Joun still hasn't responded to a request for comment.

Reports of the demise of the Watergate Exxon—Washington's most expensive gas station—have been exaggerated, according to owner Joe Mamo.

The [...]

Joe Mamo: The New John D. Rockefeller?

The robber barons are back!
Or at least, the specter of them was back this morning, as a group of ExxonMobil station operators, led by their lobbyist Bruce Bereano, called on city officials today to free them—and District drivers—from gas mogul Joe Mamo, whom the operators and their lobbyist accused of price gouging.
“You have absolutely no competition [...]

Joe Mamo’s Attorney: High Gas Prices Not His Fault!

An attorney for Joe Mamo rejects claims that the D.C. gas station kingpin is driving up the cost of gas, pointing the finger instead at the operators of stations like the Watergate Exxon, where prices topping $5 a gallon have caused public outrage and consternation this spring. (How complicated is the gas business? Mamo’s company, [...]

Meet Joe Mamo (Again)

Gas prices around the District have been hovering at or above $4 a gallon for a while, and city officials are starting to wonder whether they should be a bit lower. D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan says his office has launched an antitrust investigation into Capitol Petroleum Group LLC, owner of about half the gas [...]