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Protection-Money Plan Is Off, Says Rollerblading Gentrifier

Remember yesterday's rollerblading gentrifier in Southwest Waterfront? He wanted to 'blade on a basketball court, but was concerned that some teens, angered by their neighborhood's transitional status, might mug him for his $500 rollerblades. To make matters worse, his car had had been broken into a few nights before.
His solution to both problems was elegant, [...]

Safeway Update: New Stores Coming to Southwest Waterfront, Petworth in 2011

In addition to the new Safeway coming to Georgetown, the go-to D.C. grocery chain is planning similar overhauls at the Southwest Waterfront and Petworth.
At the Waterfront, preliminary work is under way for the new store, which will go up behind the current building near the Metro. When completed in 2011, the old store will be [...]

Debate Roundup!

CBS just releases their snap poll. Obama crushes.
T. Coates crushes with this conclusion: "That was a great job moderating. I think Obama had it–not by much, but he had it. I think John McCain just looked petty for much of the debate. It ain't his year."
Wolf Blitzer is still annoying.
TPM asks: "John McCain keeps talking [...]