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‘Sediment’ Detected in Water at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School [UPDATE]

DCPS says its providing the school bottled water while testing is done.

Grosso Wants Schools to Get the Lead Out of Water Sources [UPDATE]

Concerning levels were found at three schools after recent tests.

Report: The Potomac River Is The Healthiest It’s Been ‘in Decades’ [UPDATE]

The river is rising.

Report Card: D.C. Gets Ds in Levees, Roads, and Transit, Bs in Bridges and Rails

Its G.P.A. is a C-, above the national average of a D+.

The Needle: ¡Ay, Que Calor! Edition

Yes, Actually, It Is Hot Enough For Me: Leave town. Now. That's the only reasonable advice for how to deal with the early heat wave that's suffocating the region today—it is, after all, still only spring. The high temperature at National Airport was 102 degrees, tying a record first set in 1874, and combined with [...]

The Needle: Global War on Terrorism Edition

Continue to Be Afraid Until Further Notice: By now, Osama bin Laden's body lies somewhere near the bottom of the Arabian Sea, having been deposited there off the U.S.S. Carl Vinson after he was killed by Navy SEALs yesterday. But anyone who thought that would mean the elaborate, and expensive, security apparatus set up around [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: That Is Not Cute Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
For the Birds, III: Last week in Brookland, it was hummingbirds. This week, the neighborhood email list is chattering about robins—and, more specifically, how to kindly relocate them, without displacing them entirely. (Perhaps a metaphor for D.C.'s demographic growing [...]

The Needle: Unclean Water Edition

Doors Closing: Anyone who's ridden Metro in the last decade or so knows there's some urgent need for more regular maintenance on the system. Now it turns out there's approximately $850 million of it needed. That's how much transit officials say they want to spend next year—not on adding new service or expanding existing lines, [...]

Meet the District’s Useless Snow Melter

This is a snow melter. Its purpose, you might guess, is to melt snow. Earlier this month, the District saw much snow. This snow melter melted none of it. Rather, it sat, not melting snow, on a city lot.

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Jerry N. Johnson

"You don’t deal with the general public the way you would deal with yourself."
—Jerry N. Johnson, WASA general manager, Feb. 10

Our Morning Roundup: NIMBYS Almost Ruin Everything

Frozen Tropics reports that the H Street Festival almost didn't happen. Why? Because of one NIMBY who thought the festival permits might not have been in total compliance. The blogger calls out the NIMBY by name:
"For a few hours there it actually looked like Bobby Pittman (a well known local gadfly) might be able to [...]

1700 Block of Florida Ave. NW, May 7

WaPo All Wet On Florida Ave. Flood Coverage

Yesterday's massive water main break in Adams Morgan stressed out Monique Lecomte and Joseph Currie. They reside at 1748 V Street NW. Today, they are dealing with contractors assessing the damage to their basement dining room and kitchen. Industrial dehumidifiers are at full blast. A contractor rips at the bottom of the walls in the [...]

First Lawsuit Filed Over Lead Warnings

A father of twin boys filed a class-action lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court against WASA over the lead warning foul up, the Washington Post is reporting. John Parkhurst's two boys, the Post writes, "now 8, were toddlers when lead spiked to dangerous levels in the city's drinking water from 2001 to 2004. They now have [...]

Could Officials Have Prevented The River Road Water Main Break?

Earlier this morning, we wrote up the massive water main break on River Road that left roughly a dozen people in need of rescue. The Post has updated its story with two big points of news.
1. The problems on River Road appear to be on-going problems. There's still water. Maybe lots of it. And Officials [...]