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Go See Watchmen. Then Get the Good Parts on This DVD.

Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood was released on DVD and Blu-ray today, a part-animated, part-live-action telling of two of the graphic novel's subnarratives that Zack Snyder couldn't squeeze into his epic feature disappointment.
Catch an interview with director Eric Matthies as well as clips at

Opening This Week: Watchmen, Duh

Everyone's going to be talking about the superhero movie. But there actually are a couple of other tiny releases that have the misfortune of opening against the behemoth:
Ballerina, a lovely doc profiling five dancers from the Kirov Ballet; and

Phoebe in Wonderland, which for some reason got zero promotion here despite starring Patricia Clarkson and a [...]

Watchmen Madness Continues

NBC announced that it will be airing profiles of the six main Watchmen superheroes this week. Segments of Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, and Ozymandias have already aired but can be viewed at the network's Watchmen site.
Hopefully these will be a little more exciting than the film itself. Whoops, I've said too much.
Here's the remaining schedule:
Wed., March [...]

Early Reviews on Watchmen: Meh

Read reactions from the film's London premiere Tuesday night at the Hollywood Reporter.

“Dear Diary: I keep seeing things that aren’t really there. Love, Rorschach”

For the Watchmen-obsessed among you, here's the film's latest viral video, a clip of Rorschach's journal that's introduced by director Zack Snyder:

With Watchmen Trial Settled, Let the Viral Marketing Begin

As if Zack Snyder's adaptation of the allegedly unfilmable graphic novel Watchmen needs crazy publicity stunts to get legions of fans into theaters on March 6:
Now that the lawsuit between Fox and Warner Bros. over distribution rights has been settled, a meta-marketing site that's dedicated to, well, watching the Watchmen was [...]

Zack Snyder Talks Watchmen in New Featurette

Love Snyder, and the footage looks pretty cool. (More important, this adaptation of the allegedly unadaptable graphic novel seems to have significantly less cheese potential than Wolverine.)
Now whether Watchmen will ever come out is another story. Its scheduled release is March 6, but a legal kerfuffle between 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. over development [...]