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Heads are rolling in the Arlington offices of, the longtime WaPo Web lab that is now undergoing a merger with the Post newsroom in downtown D.C. According to a knowledgeable source, the ranks of the RIFed number around ten so far.
City Desk is working on compiling a list of the dismissed, which reportedly [...]

Breaking: Reported Dismissals at Post Web Site

Multiple sources are reporting that several employees at are losing their jobs as part of the merger of the site with the main Washington Post newsroom. Several of dot-com's editorial staffers as well as some non-editorial workers are among those who've gotten the ax, according to the sources.

Morning Roundup: Pitchforks and Torches Edition

Washington is turning on all its institutions! The Burgundy Revolution is no longer stopping at Dan Snyder's door! (Though Sally Jenkins' column is.) TO WIT:
1) Washington Post Magazine chat turns into TOTAL BLOODBATH! Readers want to know: WHY DO THE ARTICLES LOOK LIKE ADS? WHY DID YOU USE THOSE FONTS? HOW IN THE HELL DID [...]

WaPo to Throw Newspaper Banner Atop Web Site

While everyone's talking micropayments and the like, the Washington Post is moving toward lasting solutions to newspaper doom.
It's bagging the once-fashionable and forward-appearing banner on its Web site and reverting to its brand look. Memo from Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli and Co-Managing Editor Raju Narisetti after the jump.

Brady to Leave

Jim Brady, the executive editor of, is stepping down. Marcus Brauchli's memo follows the jump.