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Pigskins Website on Racist Name: Kids Are Doing It, Too!

Criticism of the Pigskins' other name has been unusually intense over the past few days, with traditional critics of the moniker using a recent symposium on sports team names to write new columns about the Landover, Md.-based franchise. This afternoon, the Pigskins appeared to answer the critique with an article that boils down to "high [...]

D.C. Is America’s New Second City, Says Analyst

We're number two! D.C. is in the process of dethroning Chicago and Los Angeles for the spot behind New York as America's "second city," urban analyst Aaron M. Renn writes in City Journal:

Over the past decade, the D.C. area has made stunning economic and demographic progress. Meanwhile, America’s current and former Second Cities, [...]

Teddy Wins!

The day has come at last. Teddy Roosevelt won his first president's race this afternoon, per the Nationals' Twitter account. Teddy was quickly congratulated by Mayor Vince Gray.
Does this mean Washington faces a playoffs curse? Stay tuned, and tell us who you want to join Teddy and the other presidents in the race.
Photo by Darrow [...]

The Other Washington

It's only March, but we now know the prism through which the Washington Post plans to explain the 2012 election to its readers: other towns named Washington!
Today's paper features a front-page story by Eli Saslow on Washington, Okla., "a grid of single-story houses surrounded by wheat fields and flood plains" where "the cotton gin and [...]

1 in 8 D.C. Residents is Asian or Latino

This is fascinating: via Elahe Izadi, the Immigration Policy Center has released an infographic about immigrants in D.C. (Click image to see it bigger.) More details here.

Nearly 14 percent of Washingtonians were born outside of the U.S., which is slightly higher than the national rate of 12.7 percent.

Weekend in Review: City Emptying Out!

It's almost as if Washington really paid attention to the summer solstice. This town hops like mad in the springtime—from the Cherry Blossom festival all the way through Pride Weekend, the place is mayhem. Street closings, marathons, road races, everything—don't even bother driving near the downtown/federal core on a weekend. You're just going to get [...]

Starbucks Closing Eight More Stores In the Area

The Washington Business Journal is reporting that the ubiquitous coffee chain is shuttering more of its local coffee outlets. Starbucks is pulling out of Northwest! OK, parts of northwest–Cleveland Park and Georgetown are losing an outlet each:
"In D.C., Starbucks will close the 3301 M St. NW location, which has been boarded up for months. Also [...]