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Les Wizérables

After their win over the Portland Trailblazers last night, the 1-12 Washington Wizards are one game ahead of the Washington Capitals—but that's because the Capitals haven't played any games, thanks to the NHL lockout. With some tickets going for less than a dollar, the Wizards are now one of the cheapest entertainment options in town.
But [...]

Groupon Pitches the Wizards as Disaster Porn

Imagine that you're Groupon (uh-oh!). You have to sell a $69 combo deal for a Wizards jersey, pregame access, and tickets to see the team play the Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat. But the Wizards are cratering, and tickets to their games are going for a couple of dollars. What to do?
Pitch the [...]

Wizards Fan Dumps Team in Break-Up Video

The Washington Wizards' 0-11 season is going so poorly, it's persuaded disaffected Wizards fan Adam Gerloff to film his break-up with the team. In the video, which Gerloff describes as "a farewell to the 'franchise' that ruined my life," he packs away and eventually burns a box full of Wizards memorabilia—even a signed Gilbert Arenas [...]

Wizards Mocked After Justin Bieber Wears Their Shorts

It's hard to imagine things getting worse for the Washington Wizards. They've lost nine games in a row, tickets to their games are going for less than 50 cents, and injured player John Wall's disgust for his team has been immortalized in a GIF.
Now, while the franchise might have seen a good omen in Justin [...]

The Needle: Millions and Millions Edition

We Can Still Vote: Today marks the 51st anniversary of the official ratification of the 23rd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave the District three electoral votes and the right to cast ballots for president. Of course, we're still waiting on the right to cast ballots for any other meaningful federal office. Worth noting: [...]

The Wizards Meet the New Boss

On Tuesday afternoon, Washington Wizards team president Ernie Grunfeld fired Flip Saunders, the only coach he’s officially hired during his eight-plus seasons in D.C., after a 2-15 start to this season and a 51-130 cumulative record over Saunders’ tenure with the team. (This post originally misstated Saunders' record.) “We felt the team had become unresponsive,” [...]

Ted Talks

Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals, is one of those members of the District elite who transcends politics.
Which isn't to say that Leonsis, a tech mogul turned sports tycoon, doesn't have the skills to make it in his city's main game. Last night, I watched the owner of the 1-12 [...]

The Needle: We’re Here, We’re Divorced, Get Used To It Edition

Divorce Equality: When the District passed a law allowing same-sex marriages a few years ago, it was cause for great rejoicing. Some of the marriages, though, don't appear to have kept the joy going. So now the D.C. Council is looking into easing divorces for same-sex marriages where neither partner lives in a jurisdiction where [...]

The Needle: Genocidal Colonization Day Edition

#OccupyDC: Considering how much help the rich folks on Wall Street have from the government based here, it's no wonder a protest modeled on Occupy Wall Street has now arrived in the District. Now a protest in Freedom Plaza, which was supposed to end today according to a National Park Service permit, will continue past [...]

The Needle: Washington Bullets Edition

This is Not a Test: District residents who are so inclined can sign up for emails or text messages about emergency alerts. (Yes, sometimes the system announces things like the mayor's State of the District address.) Soon enough, though, the alerts will come automatically, unless you opt out; D.C. and New York are the first [...]

A Farewell to Teal

This much is certain: The Wizards' days of losing in teal are over!
The team unveiled its new color scheme today. City Desk's own Kyle Weidie went to the ceremony and wrote it up. TBD and The Great Dan Steinberg, the H.L. Mencken of the increasingly vital "Who Are You Wearing?" school of sports reporting, have [...]

The Wizard is Dead, Long Live the Wizard

The Washington Wizard isn’t gone—he’s just officially buried in a sea of red, white, and blue, likely never to be heard from again.
Ted Leonsis’ ownership group finally unveiled the much-anticipated new look for the city’s basketball team today, with dim lighting, pop music, balloons, and customized cupcakes giving the Verizon Center's practice court a feel [...]

Rod Strickland Still Alive and Coaching in 2011

My favorite moment of the ongoing rendition of March Madness came after the buzzer to end Sunday's Kentucky/North Carolina game.
CBS's cameras were pointed at the handshake lines on the sideline. There, among the victorious Wildcats, I caught a glimpse of The Greatest/Worstest Washington Bullet/Wizard of All Time: Rod Strickland!
He's a survivor. Last April, Strickland got [...]

Washington Wizards Logo, Remixed

When Ted Leonsis took over the Washington Wizards last year, he promised fans he’d change the team’s teal-and-gold color scheme back to the red, white, and blue of the Bullets era. Early this month, a glimpse of a red, white, and blue version of the current Wizards logo hit Twitter, and was promptly panned by [...]

Wizards’ New(ish) Logo?

So presto-chango, the Washington Wizards are transforming again?
It's been 14 years since our NBA team changed from "The Washington Bullets" to the "The Washington Wizards," and now a new logo with the old red-white-and-blue color scheme is on its way. Washington Post beat reporter Michael Lee alerted readers to what may have been a leaked [...]