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Party Over for Mayor’s Son

Can't mayoral son and Housing Authority official Carlos Gray get his clubbing on in peace? Previously, the Washington Times reported that the younger Gray was moonlighting as a promoter for liquors like Ciroc and Don Julio, as well as hanging out with an unsavory character at Stadium Club on Queens Chapel Road NE.
Now the Times, which [...]

Informer Supporters Rally Over City Ad Contract

Praise for the Washington Informer and slams on the Washington Times were the order of the day at a pro-Informer rally this morning, as the dispute over whether the Washington Informer qualifies as a "newspaper of general circulation"—and thus, deserved a shot at a city contract for an unclaimed property ad that went to [...]

Will Vince Gray Tax God?

Could Vince Gray pass a tax so airtight, God himself could not evade it?
So ponders Washington Times' senior opinion editor Emily Miller in an article headlined, irresistibly, "Tax on God." Miller's concerned that Gray is considering taxing companies that hold classes in the city's parks.
It took God six days to create the earth, but it [...]

Informer Lost D.C. Contract Over Readers’ Race, Says Publisher

There's some new racial intrigue in the unlikeliest of places: the awarding of D.C. government advertising contracts.
The controversy centers around a contract to advertise unclaimed property that's been awarded to the Washington Times. Washington Informer publisher Denise Rolark Barnes claims that her paper was denied a chance at the contract by the Office of the [...]

Sorry for Party Rocking: Washington Times Exposes Vince Gray’s Son’s “Party-Boy Lifestyle”

The Washington Times' revamped local coverage has been leaning lately on an old reporting trick: The more prudish you are, the more you have to write about.
Previously, they feigned shock that a D.C. Council opposed to gun ownership would make it hard to get a gun, and that someone with a drug-dealing conviction would receive a [...]

Washington Times Columnist Spontaneously Moved to Criticize Trolley Barn

In her Monday Washington Times column, Deborah Simmons trashed a proposed streetcar barn in Ward 5. Ahead of a emergency meeting called by Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie that night about the barn, Simmons called plans for the barn "illogical" and surveys of residents' views about the streetcars "phoney baloney."
At least, Simmons writes, some Ward 5 residents [...]

Charles Hurt’s Bikeshare Rant is Sexist, Too

Everyone's read Charles Hurt's totally batshit column about Capital Bikeshare for the Washington Times, right?
If you haven't, Martin Austermuhle at DCist very capably broke down just how batshit it is. But while Hurt's argument that Bikeshare is a Communist plot is exceptionally virulent, the public-transit-is-for-pinkos point isn't an entirely new one.
What is particularly chafing to [...]

The Special Relationship Between Matt Drudge and the Times

Salon has a piece up about how conservative Internet superhero Matt Drudge has been responsible for nearly half of the Washington Times' web traffic over the last year. Lindsay Beyerstein writes:
For the past year, Drudge has provided the Washington Times with, on average, 46 percent of its monthly traffic. In November of 2011, the Drudge Report sent 4.7 million visitors to the [...]

Times Takes Advantage of Viola Drath Connection

The Times has a heck of a long read on the marriage between Viola Drath the journalist and socialite and Albrecht Muth, the man accused of murdering her last August. The story comes on the heels of the widely reported news that Muth remains mentally incompetent to stand trial—after a judge ordered him evaluated for [...]

D.C. Gun Training For D.C. Gun Owners!

The Washington Times editorial board praises, sorta, the D.C. government for updating an out-of-date list of gun training instructors, and councilmember Phil Mendelson for introducing legislation that would allow D.C. residents to get that training in District limits.
In July, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals smacked down the city of Chica
go over instructional requirements similar to [...]

The Needle: Administrative Leave Edition

The Bike Rent Is Too Damn High: Membership has its privileges, according to American Express. Capital Bikeshare apparently agrees. The service is raising fees for casual users by 33 percent, as well as hiking the cost of a 24-hour membership from $5 to $7. Longer-term members won't pay more—which is to say, finally, the tourists [...]

The Needle: General Election Edition

D.C. Votes! The election that Professional Washington devoted its last year to predicting may be taking place everywhere but the District. But polls are open here in Our Nation's Capital, too. Not much drama to report: Even without Democratic primary loser Adrian Fenty's tepid opposition to a write-in effort on his behalf, it's a good [...]

Politico: Washington Times Sale Goes Through

Developing news from 3600 New York Ave. NE! Politico reports that News World Communication, the parent company of The Washington Times, has been sold to News World Media Development.
Confused? Back in August, news broke that the Rev. Sun Myung Moon wanted to buy back the Times from his his son, Preston Moon. Per Keach Hagey:
The [...]

The Needle: Silver Spring Syndrome Edition

Silver Standoff: A gunman strolls into the Discovery Communications headquarters in downtown Silver Spring and takes hostages, apparently in an attempt to get the cable conglomerate to stop airing shows that encourage people to have babies. Why? Because the gunman is nuts. The alleged suspect, James Jay Lee, was arrested in the same place two years [...]

Rev. Moon Wants Washington Times Back?

OK, so Dan Snyder is out. But Rev. Sun Myung Moon is back? The Washington Times deathwatch continues! New up this morning: The Washington Post reports that Moon is considering buying back the beleaguered New York Avenue newspaper from Preston Moon, the eldest son who has controlled the broadsheet for the past four years. The [...]