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Gun-Toting Reporter Emily Miller to Leave FOX5

"It was a truly rewarding experience to work at Fox 5 DC," she says.

Unobstructed View: Please Let Us Read You, Washington Times

The paper's mobile site is a genuinely terrible user experience; tweets about this are met with levels of agreement you generally only see for complaints about Randy Wittman.

What Happens in Vegas…Causes a Local News Twitter Spat in D.C.

Journalist vs. journalist FOIA death match!

Hail to the Reagans?

After the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decided last week to strip the Washington football team of its federal trademark, wags on Twitter suggested that the team just change its name to the Washington Reagans. Anti-tax crusader and President Ronald Reagan acolyte Grover Norquist jokingly endorsed the idea in an interview with BuzzFeed.
This week, Michael Taube, a contributing writer for the Washington Times, wrote a column—"Why Not the Washington [...]

Report: Washington Times Founder Made Paper’s Publisher Raise His Secret Love Child

A Mother Jones' exclusive today revealed that Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the man who founded the Unification Church and the Washington Times, had a secret love child and arranged for the founding president and editor of the conservative publication, Bo Hi Pak, to raise him.
The Unification Church ostensibly started as a sex cult in South Korea and [...]

D.C. Speed Cameras Will Lead to Rise of the Machines, Warns Columnist

Enjoy the revenue, D.C. Council, because soon we'll be doing the cameras' bidding.  Washington Times columnist Armstrong Williams—yes, that Armstrong Williams—thinks the traffic cameras present something more than just a hassle: They're about the rise of the machines.
Williams is concerned that the cameras will replace human cops, who sometimes give out warnings instead of traffic [...]

District Line Daily: You Got (Pre-)Schooled

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Pick up a print copy of Washington City Paper today and feast your eyes on this [...]

Washington Times Columnist Forgets That He Hates Capital Bikeshare

Last May, noted red-hunter and Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt took on the communist roots of the Capital Bikeshare, describing his neighborhood station as "broken-down socialism."
"The bikes are shaped like the old-timey 'girl bikes' without the crossbar," Hurt wrote. "Making them suitable for un-liberated women in skirts as well as these so-called 'metrosexual' [...]

The Needle: Unprofessional and Dishonest

I Will Remember Moon: Bad day for the Washington Times. In addition to the lay-offs of around 20 members of its newsroom, a newly surfaced resignation letter from one of the paper's editors blasts the paper for "unprofessional and dishonest" practices. -2

Insect Invasion: Stinkbugs could make a comeback in the D.C. region in 2013. -3

Washington Times Layoffs Start Again

Washington Times Executive Editor David Jackson made good on his November announcement that layoffs were coming today, according to staffers laid off at the meeting.
Around 20 employees were laid off this morning in a group announcement, the Washington Post reports. Jackson didn't respond to an immediate request for comment. The Times is providing health benefits [...]

Is There Room for Local in Washington Times 3.0?

With big layoffs ahead at the post-Reverend Sun Myung Moon Washington Times, Executive Editor David Jackson laid out his plans for "Washington Times 3.0" in a newsroomwide memo this afternoon. Many of Jackson's ideas, first reported by Fishbowl D.C., won't be a stretch for the paper: becoming "digital first," developing more libertarian and Tea Party [...]

The Needle: Closing Times

Layoffs Held Off: Layoffs that Fishbowl D.C. reports could eliminate a quarter of the Washington Times' staff are being delayed until January, either because of incompetent management or the CEO's wife's broken leg. Meanwhile, Times staffer Emily Miller accepted a $90 gift from Chairman Phil Mendelson. -2
Aloha: Goodbye to Daniel Inouye, Hawaiian senator and really [...]

Washington Times Could Lay Off Quarter of Staff, Hit Local Hard

Tough times are ahead for staff at the Washington Times, according to a new memo from editor David Jackson. While the paper's post-Rev. Moon shake-up has so far been limited to upper management positions, that's about to change, with the Washington Post's Erik Wemple reporting that layoffs could cut as much as a quarter of the [...]

Washington Times Reporter Goes on Anti-Welfare “Ghetto” Rant

Washington Times reporter Luke Rosiak really doesn't like speed cameras. Big time. And he's no fan of people on welfare, for whom he has an ultimatum.
"I'll slow down when the people using my $200 fines to sit at home on welfare get a job–and not at Metro or a gubmint job," Rosiak tweeted this afternoon [...]

Rev. Moon’s Death Might Not Mean End of the Washington Times

With the Monday death of Rev. Sun Myung Moon-–he of the mass weddings and Holy (sex) Handkerchief—at the age of 92, the natural instinct is to start a death watch for Moon's Unification Church and the enormous subsidy his long-ailing Washington Times receives from it. But the church is still big business in Asia and elsewhere, [...]