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The Washington Post’s Missing Monument to Trolling

On Saturday evening, the Washington Post opinion section removed an op-ed after a writer for Poynter was unable to find any evidence on the Web that its author, Jason Huntmann, exists. Michael Larabee, the Post's letters and local opinion editor, told Poynter's Jeremy Barr that although Huntmann had provided a copy of his phone bill to verify his identity, "your question [...]

Reporters and Bird Watchers Flock to Rare Snowy Owl Downtown

Greg Lucke got an alert from a friend on Facebook at 1:52 p.m. that a rare Snowy Owl was perched on the headquarters of the Washington Post in downtown D.C. He left his nearby office at National Geographic and was at the scene with binoculars in hand by 2 p.m.
"It's fantastic," Lucke says of seeing [...]

Why Ezra Klein Left the Washington Post, in One GIF

Ezra Klein is on his way out of the Washington Post, as Poynter's Andrew Beaujon reported this morning. The Post's editors referred to Klein twice as a "wunderkind" in announcing his departure. His colleague Dylan Matthews only merited one wunderkind reference in that memo, but the Post, which reportedly turned down Klein's pitch for a $10 million-plus site-within-a-site devoted to explanatory [...]

Who Will Represent Readers at the Post?

The Washington Post eliminated its longstanding ombudsman position last year, and now it may be done with the seemingly watered-down version that replaced it, the reader representative.
Media Matters reported today that Doug Feaver, who took over the newly created reader representative position in March 2013, is leaving the part-time gig for personal reasons.
Editorial Page Editor [...]

Meet the Face of the Polar Vortex

If you want to know what Washingtonians think about the polar vortex, Tim Krepp is apparently your guy. By around 1:30 p.m. today, the D.C. tour guide had already been approached by the Washington Post and NBC4 (and if you include this item, then City Desk as well) for his reaction to today's frigid temps.
So why is [...]

Ezra Klein to Leave The Post?

Washington Post golden boy Ezra Klein is considering leaving the paper to start his own venture, Huffington Post's Michael Calderone reported this afternoon.
Klein runs the paper's highly branded Wonkblog, where he and five underbloggers write about political and policy issues, bringing in about 4 million page views per month.
Klein is still in talks with the paper about staying, [...]

Post Metro Editor Leaving for Houston

Washington Post Metro editor (and marathoner) Vernon Loeb is leaving the paper to become managing editor of the Houston Chronicle, as Jim Romenesko reported last night. Here's the official memo from Post editor Marty Baron and managing editor Kevin Merida on the news:
To the staff:
We regret to announce that Vernon Loeb is leaving to become managing editor of the Houston Chronicle.
We are losing [...]

This Is the Strangest Defense of the Washington Football Team’s Name Yet

This Washington Post letter to the editor presents a pretty peculiar argument in defense of the Washington football team's racist name: If the team name is changed, how will parents in 2525 explain the great legacy of Native Americans to their children?
John Kosko of Germantown, Md., submitted the letter, which largely consists of a mock conversation [...]

Richard Cohen, Still Making Friends

The Washington Post's seemingly unable-to-get-fired columnist Richard Cohen is back at it, with yet another grotesquely clumsy piece opining on the political issues through the rose-tinted statement glasses of yesteryear.
It's not worth getting too deeply into what Cohen is writing—something about Chris Christie's tea party problem and his chances in Iowa—but one line of his column [...]

WaPo Express Starting Sunday Home Delivery

This won't exactly be that thick, romanticized Sunday newspaper of yesteryear, but the Washington Post's free, weekday Express edition will begin delivering a Sunday edition, Poynter reported this morning.
The edition will be delivered to the 180,000 readers who already signed up to to receive Savings Now, a free advertorial product delivered to the homes of [...]

Date Lab Gets Polyamorous

The latest installment of the Washington Post's Date Lab matchmaking service adds a plot twist to the classic person-meets-person on a blind date scenario. One of the woman on this romantic first date had a boyfriend—and all parties involved thought that was great!
Kristin Richards, 31,  and Megan Caine, 34,  were set up on a date at [...]

It’s Nearly 5 P.M., Where’s Your Millennial At?

The Washington Post keeps spewing its observations about millennials–this seemingly hard to define, but apparently homogenous generation that likes to spend all its recession-era money on frivolous shit.
City Desk has been keeping close tabs on this groundbreaking series, and based on our understanding of the reports, here's a breakdown of what the hippest generation in D.C. [...]

Longtime Post Employee Sues, Alleging Racial and Age Discrimination

A longtime Washington Post advertising employee is suing the paper for racial and age discrimination, claiming the paper fired him for being a middle-aged black man.
David DeJesus, 59, filed suit against the Post in July after he says was he unexpectedly fired in the summer of 2011, despite 18 years of "exemplary employment." (Evan Gahr first [...]

The Needle: Cracks in Congress

Capitol Repairs:  The U.S. Capitol dome will be clad in scaffolding for two years as it undergoes renovations for the first time since 1960. The new look will match nicely with the Washington Memorial, which arguably looks better since it's been decorated with scaffolds. +3
Eggcellent Breakfast hoagies are back at Taylors Gourmet. Though there are [...]

The Washington Post’s Guide to Being a Millennial

The Washington Post published its first part in a series of articles investigating an invasive creature that has taken over the District in record numbers: millennials. 
The introduction to the "March of the Millennials" series, which will run throughout the week, says this "entitled" generation has been covered and dissected by just about every [...]