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Washington Post Ombudsman: Steam Punks

Just as Native Americans of the Great Plains reportedly used every part of the buffalo, the Washington Post's detractors believe that its liberal staffers can use every part of the newspaper to further their agenda. Reader comments, an upcoming paywall, even Sally Quinn—-all are grist for the Post's fellow travelers.
But are Post employees also willing [...]

Washington Post Ombudsman: Doggy Daycare Bites Woman

Often, when I'm performing my self-appointed ombudsman duties around town, people ask, "Will, what do you think of the Post's Metro columnists?" Or they would, if anyone talked about the Post's Metro columnists.
That's the problem with the Metro roster: It's boring. Just about the only times their columns are any good are when they give readers [...]

Meet Your New Washington Post Ombudsman

As of this month, the Washington Post ombudsman position is no more, replaced by a saccharine-sounding "reader representative" to be named later. It's the end of a 43-year tradition...or is it?
"We know that media writers inside and outside The Post will continue to hold us accountable for what we write" Post publisher Katharine Weymouth writes [...]