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Post Board Wants Regional Authority To Handle Emergencies

Looks like "sit tight during an emergency" wasn't good enough advice for the Post's editorial board, who criticized emergency preparedness in the Washington region and called for a regional emergency authority body.
The mayor has the authority to order an evacuation from the city, but beyond that there is no single entity with authority to advise [...]

WaPo Editorial Board Calls For Barry To Step Down

I'm sure LL Daily will have more on this. If Councilmember Marion Barry wants to know how his lame apology is being received, he's got at least one answer. WaPo's editorial board is calling for Barry to step down. The board writes:
"It frankly is disgusting to hear Mr. Barry talk, as he did Tuesday, about [...]

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Snow Cleanup Funds Scarce: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—DDOT Starts Construction on 11th Street Bridge Project, Sort of; and what's up with Cathy Lanier's latest All Hands On Deck summons?
Morning all. Given all [...]