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Local Sports Bar Plans Wake for Washington Football Team

There will be free "Im-peach Snyder" shots every time the Eagles score on Saturday.

The Needle: Watergate Part Two

Does too much security mean no water breaks?

Dan Snyder’s Football Team Is Designing a New Stadium, Which Will Be “Very Retro”

Maybe the uninspiring preseason results are just a sign of distraction: The local NFL franchise is shopping for a new home.
Team owner Dan Snyder said in an interview with Comcast SportsNet Wednesday that the team has "started the process" of designing a new  stadium. The stadium, he said, could be in Virginia, D.C., or Maryland, where it's played at [...]

District Line Daily: Kids Invade the Darndest Buildings

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The White House is one of the most secure buildings on the planet (well, unless your [...]

The Needle: Push It Real Good

Keep On Pushing: A new app called Push for Pizza launched recently, possibly as part of a test of just how easily people's dopey ideas can get other people to give them money if they involve smartphones (the answer: very, very easily). Using the app here in the District requires just one extra step that isn't needed in the [...]

New Owner of the Landover Racists Speaks Out

Shane Morris isn't entirely sure he's not infringing on the Washington football team's trademark rights, but he thinks the new online store selling paraphernalia for his Landover Racists team will still work out for the best.
Morris, a Nashville, Tenn.-based sports writer, started a website today selling T-shirts and a mug with the logo of his satirical creation. But instead of [...]

District Line Daily: Get Your Docs Off

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AFI DOCS, the acclaimed documentary festival formerly known as Silverdocs, runs through Sunday in the [...]

The Needle: D.C. Etiquette

Dear Abby: How high does the temperature have to climb in order to turn the World War II Memorial's fountain? People are actually doing this. So, oof, let's just hope these are tourists and not us upstanding locals. -2

D.C. is So Hot Right Now: At noon today, when temperatures reached around 92 degrees, D.C. was literally the [...]

The Best New Washington Football Team Names (So Far)

Earlier today, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office canceled the trademark registrations for the name of the Washington football team, and since then Twitter has gone mad with proposed new names for the franchise (which, naturally, is appealing the ruling).
Here are some of our favorites:
For your consideration.
— Drunk Predator Drone (@drunkenpredator) June 18, 2014

If you want [...]

The 12 Least Helpful Tweets for Dan Snyder’s Team’s Hashtag Game

The Washington football team sent out a tweet this afternoon enlisting fans to tell Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid what the team's name means to them, using the hashtag #[Pigskins]Pride. The campaign came in response to a letter from Reid and 49 other Senate Democrats to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urging him to pressure team owner Dan Snyder to change the team's "usually offensive" name.
The [...]

Yes, Dan Snyder’s Latest Maneuver Is a Shameless PR Stunt. But Why Not Let Him Give Away Some Money?

Tomorrow, the Washington Pigskins will announce that they're forming a new organization called the Original Americans Foundation. In a letter to fans, team owner Dan Snyder says he's realized, in the course of his PR-driven visits to friendly Native American tribes around the nation, that things have not been going so well for most Native Americans, mostly [...]

Is Dan Snyder Just Trolling Everyone?

The Dan Snyder era of Washington football has not been the most glorious, nor has it seen the wisest personnel decisions in the history of our storied local franchise. But it turns out the team owner/destroyer-in-chief of fans' playoff fantasies doesn't appear to have significantly better taste in who he hires off the field, either.
ThinkProgress has [...]

The Needle: Now Fire the Owner Edition

Losing Team With Vexing Owner ISO New Coach: Mike Shanahan will be paid $7 million not to coach the Washington Pigskins next year, as the team fired him and most of the rest of its coaching staff, a day after ending this year's 3-13 season with a loss to the New York Giants. Shanahan won the [...]

Problem Solved: We Shall Be The Washington Rednecks

If the Washington football team's controversial name is, in fact, a tribute to Native Americans, as team owner Dan Snyder has suggested, then maybe the team could just as laudably be called the Washington Rednecks—a now-derogatory word that was once used as a more complimentary term for striking coal miners.
At least, that's the argument that [...]

The Legend of Dan Snyder and the Washington Bravehearts

There's something "suspicious" going on with the Washington Pigskins, according to TMZ.
And it looks like the gossip site could be onto something.
TMZ reports that Aris Mardirossian, a wealthy patent investor and neighbor of Pigskins owner Dan Snyder in Potomac, Md., registered the name WASHINGTON BRAVEHEARTS on Oct. 17, and said in his trademark application that [...]