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The Needle: Rerouted Edition

Rain On The Parade: Georgia Avenue NW runs pretty far north into Maryland, but not quite all the way to Baltimore. Which is where the D.C. Caribbean Carnival, which in most years has rocked down the avenue in late June, is heading this year. Organizers couldn't get together the $179,000 they owed the city, city [...]

The Needle: Natitude Edition

HTJ, Exit Stage Left: Stealing $350,000 from the District's coffers nets you 38 months in federal prison. Or at least, that's what it netted former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. today, as a federal judge sentenced him to that plus another 36 months of probation for crimes he pleaded guilty to in January. The [...]

The Needle: Welcome Home Edition

All's Fair In Love And Fares: The bad news? Metro fares will go up, as planned. The good news? They might not go up quite as much as originally announced. Some new accounting based on better than expected performance has found extra money in the transit agency's projected budget, and now officials are scaling back the increases. [...]

The Needle: Takeout Edition

Barrygate: Ward 8 D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry provided an object lesson in how not to apologize for outrageous comments today, first blaming the media for reporting, then trying to mitigate by Twitter, his statement after winning Tuesday's Democratic primary that Asian business owners "ought to go" for opening "those dirty shops." By late afternoon, Barry [...]

The Needle: Spaced Out Edition

Capital CrashShare: The way some people ride Capital BikeShare bikes, you'd think accidents involving the service were frequent. (Besides, the bikes feel damn near indestructible while you're on them, and by "damn near indestructible," we mean "very slow.") But today's incident on U Street NW where a tractor trailer and a cyclist collided was only [...]

The Needle: Oh, Shut Up, Senator Casey, Edition

Your U.S. Senate At Work: Maybe it's best D.C. doesn't have any members in the Senate, after all. Because if we did, they'd probably do embarrassing things like what Pennsylvania's Democratic Sen. Bob Casey did today, which was whine on Twitter about the Nationals' plan to sell advance tickets to a May homestand against the [...]

The Needle: Go Back to Philadelphia Edition

On The Whole, We'd Rather They Be In Philadelphia: For a variety of reasons, the crowd at Washington Nationals games is often dominated by fans of the visiting teams. (One reason: The area's transient population means every team has a lot of fans here. Another reason: The Nats haven't been very good in their brief [...]

The Needle: Ben Stiller Edition

Take The Long Train Home: What's more frustrating than having to squeeze onto a crowded six-car Metro train even though the subway system can handle eight cars in each station? Watching a ten-car train go by. The transit agency recently disciplined some workers for allowing a train too long to fit properly in stations to [...]

Ryan Zimmerman and Charlie Slowes Make Baseball’s Case

Every now and then the superiority of baseball over other team pastimes hits you in the face.
Or, at least, the ears.
The bottom of the ninth inning of Friday night's Nationals/Phillies game did just that for anybody listening on the Nats radio network.
The underdog Nationals entered the inning down two runs, then everything just started going [...]

The Needle: The Real Big East Edition

Hoya Paranoia: Big East basketball is tough—plays that might be called technical fouls in other conferences barely merit a glance from the refs. But that doesn't mean the Georgetown Hoyas were ready for what they got today in China, in the second game of their "goodwill tour." A bench-clearing brawl ended the game in the [...]

The Needle: Return of Strasburgmania Edition

Singletown U.S.A.: People complain enough about dating in D.C. that new statistics are enough to make you wonder whether anyone anywhere in the nation is having any luck—the District turns out to have the most favorable ratio of women to men (for women) anywhere in the country, and it's been rated in the top [...]

Jayson Werth Headed South Toward Mendoza?

The two story lines I'm watching in Nats Land right now: The team's dance with a .500 record, and Jayson Werth's journey to a sub-.200 batting average, beneath baseball's fabled Mendoza Line.
After last night's 1-3 performance at the plate in Houston, Werth is hitting .212 on the season. (For the record: The Mendoza Line [...]

Davey Johnson In?

Here's what I wrote two years ago this week, when Manny Acta was on the chopping block:
Who's next? Fox says Montgomery County's own Jim Riggleman will be the interim guy. Why not bring Davey Johnson in?
Johnson was marvelous last time he managed in the MASN market. And he's already coached the Future of the Nats, [...]

The Needle: I Quit Edition

Gone for Good: The Washington Nationals have, contrary to all usual behavior in past seasons, won 11 of their last 12 games, including one this afternoon, and looked like a decent ball club while doing it. So naturally, manager Jim Riggleman decided this was the perfect time to resign. Riggleman apparently was bothered that the [...]

The Needle: Forget You Edition

Pop Goes the Beard Award Winner: The surest sign that pop-up shops and restaurants have gone completely mainstream? The federal government is doing one. José Andrés announced today that he'll team up with the National Archives for "America Eats Tavern" this summer, taking over the space that has been Café Atlántico for years. The new [...]