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Watch Jayson Werth Win Game 4 for the Nationals

The Washington Nationals will pay Jayson Werth $127 million for the seven years he's under contract with the team. Last night, he might have earned most of his keep in one at-bat. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Werth fought his way back from two strikes to work the count full, fending off 12 pitches [...]

Nationals-Cardinals Game 4: Live!

Will it all end tonight? Either the most exciting season in the Nationals' young history comes to a disappointing finish this evening, or it advances to an all-or-nothing fifth game against the St. Louis Cardinals. In the last few weeks, our fledgling baseball culture has sneaked into all sorts of corners of local life: politics, [...]

A Summertime Nationals Fan in October

I am out of the office the rest of the day but will return on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012. Please contact the front desk with any pressing issues. Have a great afternoon.
Configuring the Outlook inbox was the day’s top thrill. Minutes later I’m on the cautious, emotionally fragile Green Line with the quiet people: It's [...]

Nationals Win Could Help Voting Rights

The Nationals had better improve their play after last night's dismal 12-4 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, because this series isn't about just getting further in the playoffs anymore. Now, the Nationals are playing for D.C. voting rights.
That's because Mayor Vince Gray has made a bet with St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay over [...]

I’m Glad Teddy Won, So I Don’t Have to Hear About It Anymore

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Team Teddy's feeling pretty pumped right now.
"CONGRATULATIONS, TEDDY!" tweeted Mayor Vince Gray, a moment after the 26th president's bulbous avatar soared across the finish line. At-Large D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange tweet-bragged about capturing the moment on his iPhone. The Washington Post newsroom clapped and cheered. Ryan Zimmerman was so [...]

Bring on the MARC Series (Except on Weekends)

The Washington Nationals have already won their division. The Baltimore Orioles have already clinched a playoff berth. And people are already starting to talk about how wild it would be if the two teams met in the World Series this year.
While we're reluctant to jinx either club by speculating too much about that sort of [...]

Nats Win!

The Washington Nationals are the 2012 National League East division champions. The Nats won the division tonight even though they lost to the Philadelphia Phillies, 2-0, because the Atlanta Braves lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates, 2-1, making it impossible for them to catch the Nationals in the two games each club has left.
The Braves game [...]

The Needle: Wilson Building Goes Red

Natitude at the JAWB: At last, the pinkos in the John A. Wilson Building are illuminating the seat of the District government in Soviet red. That, or they're just really jazzed about the Nationals. +1
Parade Hurray: The Fiesta D.C. festival runs all day Sunday on Pennsylvania Avenue. Myriad Metro delays will hold up revelers, but [...]

John McCain Wants Teddy to Win Nats Race

Sen. John McCain has a new issue, revealed in a jokey ESPN segment noticed by D.C. Sports Bog: finding out why Teddy Roosevelt still hasn't won a Nationals president's race. McCain, an admirer of Roosevelt, is filled with sadness to see the 26th president repeatedly tackled by rival presidents and sundry other Teddy-hating mascots.
"It's one [...]

Nationals Either Hit by Facebook Hackers or Moving to Canada

Hackers have been creating mischief on Major League Baseball Facebook pages today, using the Yankees' account to announce Derek Jeter's sexual reassignment surgery and the White Sox's to call Barack Obama a Muslim. They also appear to have targeted the Nationals.
In a post on the team's Facebook page (right), the team appeared to announce a [...]

The Needle: Bus Blaze Edition

Gray Gored?: Maybe all that time listening to Sulaimon Brown babble in front of the D.C. Council wasn't wasted, after all. Federal prosecutors say the former chief money man for Vince Gray's victorious 2010 mayoral campaign, Thomas Gore, gave money orders for $535 to Brown's campaign using fake names and cash from Gray's own campaign [...]

The Needle: Rerouted Edition

Rain On The Parade: Georgia Avenue NW runs pretty far north into Maryland, but not quite all the way to Baltimore. Which is where the D.C. Caribbean Carnival, which in most years has rocked down the avenue in late June, is heading this year. Organizers couldn't get together the $179,000 they owed the city, city [...]

The Needle: Natitude Edition

HTJ, Exit Stage Left: Stealing $350,000 from the District's coffers nets you 38 months in federal prison. Or at least, that's what it netted former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. today, as a federal judge sentenced him to that plus another 36 months of probation for crimes he pleaded guilty to in January. The [...]

The Needle: Welcome Home Edition

All's Fair In Love And Fares: The bad news? Metro fares will go up, as planned. The good news? They might not go up quite as much as originally announced. Some new accounting based on better than expected performance has found extra money in the transit agency's projected budget, and now officials are scaling back the increases. [...]