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Metro to Expand ‘Close Call’ Reporting System to Bus Operators

Metrobus employees will be able to report safety concerns confidentially starting next year.

Feds Nix NTSB Recommendations for Metro

USDOT Secretary Anthony Foxx has his own ideas about how to fix D.C.'s beleaguered public transit system.

Service Partially Restored on Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines

But riders should expect delays.

Man On Metro Tracks Needs Help! Crowds of Bystanders Look On

A passenger on the blue line vents to the blog Unsuck DC Metro about the lack of good samaritanism among his fellow Metro riders, citing a recent experience with a man dangerously stranded on the tracks one morning at the Foggy Bottom station.
The rider says a solitary woman was trying to hoist the guy up from almost certain doom. [...]

Record Deaths, Suicides and Fare Hikes: Metro’s Worst Year Ever

In the year since the deadliest crash in Metro history, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has at least attained a certain level of distinction. "We do not see the frequency of accidents on other properties that we are seeing on Metro," notes National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman in Tuesday's WaPo article on the transit authority's [...]