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District May Target Feral Cats as Part of Wildlife Action Plan

"We certainly don’t want people wandering the streets with guns after cats, but whatever is done will be done humanely [and] within the law.”

Video: Poodle Missing for Four Years Found in D.C., Reunited With Owner

Get some tissues.

Near Northeast Resident Finds Package Full of Bees on Her Doorstep

She was "freaked out" about the unexpected package.

D.C.’s Yet-to-Open Cat Cafe Inspires a Pop-Up at Rock & Roll Hotel

Cat cafes? There are now D.C. pop-ups for that.

D.C.’s Cat Cafe May Have a $5 to $7 Cover Charge

Want to hang out with some cats? Be prepared to pay.

How Did a Bear End Up in Palisades?

It’s been a good week for furry fugitives in the District. Just two days after Rusty the red panda staged a prison break from the National Zoo, a small black bear led D.C. police on a 90-minute chase through Northwest D.C. this morning.
The bear, which weighed less than 100 pounds and was deemed “harmless” by [...]

Amateur Cat Declawer Pleads Guilty

The Washington Humane Society has given Eric Felipe Gaskin a nickname as gruesome as his crimes: the "mauler-declawer." Gaskin, arrested in the fall for his attempted home declawing of two cats in May, pleaded guilty today to the crimes today. Now he's facing up to a year in jail on two charges of animal cruelty.
Gaskin, [...]

Two Cats Euthanized After Amateur Declawing

Animal news in D.C.: sometimes fun, sometimes outrageous and disgusting. Two cats were found in D.C. in May with some horrific injuries, and the alleged culprit was charged last weekend, according to a Washington Humane Society press release (emphasis added):
The kittens were taken immediately to a local emergency animal hospital, where surgeons found that each [...]

Accused Kitty Killer Arrested

It's been a bizarre week for D.C. animal news. A guy who'd read a novel about a gorilla takes hostages at the Discovery Channel. A shark turns up in the Potomac. A new report says city cabbies discriminate against blind people with guide dogs. And now comes word that a kitty [...]

Chihuahua Dies in Hot Car While Mich. Tourist Visits Holocaust Museum

When temperatures creep near 100 in these parts, the true American idiots are sure to be found. How? They leave their dogs inside a ridiculously overheating car while they go about their day of activities. Because we all know how enjoyable it is to sit in our own car with the windows up in this [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

In hockey, this week was the worst
The Caps seem to really be cursed
Game 7: they choked
Got totally smoked
An outcome in which they're well-versed
Farewell to the late Dorothy Height
(Whose hats could both awe and delight)
The eulogy, tender
Showed speech-giving splendor
From start to the final sound bite
The teachers continue to wonder
If talks are just doomed to go under
Since [...]

The Blotter, Animal Edition: Opossum Killer On The Loose

Not Just Playing Dead: The Washington Humane Society is looking for an opossum killer. On April 27, in an alley behind 1026 16th street NE, eleven of the critters were found bludgeoned to death. The animal organization believes the marsupials were stoned to death. The Humane Society is offering a $1,000 reward for any information regarding the grisly [...]

Maryland Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty

The Washington Humane Society says a Maryland man who allegedly let a black-and-white pit bull named Shelly teeter on the brink of starvation, has been arrested. Gurdip Singh, who turned himself in to the Fifth District police station on April 2, has been charged with animal cruelty.
According to documents attached to the warrant for his [...]

Did Someone Purposefully Kill This Puppy’s Leg?

Now that we know a Rottweiler puppy named Iris lost her leg to abuse, the question becomes why? A vet amputated the pup's leg as it had become paralyzed and necrotic. It was paralyzed and necrotic because someone wound a rubber band around it. Someone wound a rubber band around it for reasons unknown.

Abused Pup Loses Leg to Rubber Band

Because of a carelessly placed rubber band, a Rottweiler puppy had to have its leg amputated. The Washington Humane Society is investigating.