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Blanket Security

Five hours after a man went on a shooting rampage at the Navy Yard Monday morning, Jacqueline Alston was still waiting to hear if her husband was OK.
A custodial worker who keeps the fourth floor of the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters clean, Ernest Johnston isn’t allowed to carry a cell phone to his job—national [...]

Barred From the Job Until Wednesday, Striking Washington Hospital Center Nurses Take to Irving Street

With negotiations stalled, striking nurses at Washington Hospital Center today took to Irving Street NW, picketing the region's largest hospital.
Wearing red scrubs, the color of National Nurses United, several hundred protesters held signs and chanted slogans, angry over a cut in pay and what they say is dangerous understaffing.
“They [hospital officials] need to negotiate with [...]

The Needle: Happy Veterans’ Day Edition

Don't Fall into the Turkey Brine: Nurses at Washington Hospital Center, angry about what they say is chronic understaffing and busily haggling with management over a new contract, say they'll go on strike on Thanksgiving eve if their demands aren't met. We hereby predict that at least one breathless media story on the negotiations that [...]

Nurses Vote to Strike Over February Blizzard Firings

Even in sweltering August heat, this year's earlier pesky blizzard won't go away. Over the weekend, Nurses United, a union that represents 1,600 registered nurses at Washington Hospital Center (WHC), voted for a one-day strike. The union is demanding that the nurses who were fired following February's massive winter storms for not making it through [...]

Still No Settlement For Nurses Fired For Snowstorm Absences

Negotiations have stalled between Washington Hospital Center and nine nurses fired in February for failing to report to work amid hazardous blizzard conditions.
“We were hopeful in making a resolution that would settle both sides on a forward trajectory to handle future crisis…with clarity,” Stephen Frum, the chief shop stewart for Nurses United, said during a conference call [...]

Nurses Rally Outside Washington Hospital Center

Hundreds of nurses are expected to picket outside Washington Hospital Center tonight amid a contract dispute with the center's management.
 Stephen Frum, a nurse at the hospital and chief shop steward for Nurses United, an organization representing the 1,600 nurses at the hospital, tells City Desk the hospital’s terms fail to remedy the facility's nurse shortage and would reduce [...]

Quickest Way to Get to Washington Hospital Center During a Blizzard: Indoor Cookouts

Snow has always meant good business for autobody shops and emergency rooms.
So Young Pak, spokesperson for Washington Hospital Center, says there is a certain type of customer who comes into her workplace at times like these.
"We've been seeing people with chest pains, people with broken bones, and people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning," she says. [...]