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Here’s What the Mythical New Pigskins Stadium Might Look Like

There has been no decision on where a stadium will be built.

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Millennials, People of Color Want Team Name Change

Younger, diverse NFL fans want the name to change.

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Even America’s Ex-Colonizers Think the Team Name Is Wrong

"This is not the way we would want Native Americans introduced to our country."

Pigskins Reportedly Pick Architect to Design New Stadium—But Where Will It Go?

The team has reportedly picked the firm that designed the National Building Museum maze.

Unobstructed View: Legal Battle Illustrates How Ridiculous NFL Team’s Name Actually Is

What's not in a name

John Oliver, Aziz Ansari Mock Washington Football Team Name

"This is my pitch for what they should change their name to: the Washington Breadsticks."

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Football Team Throws Fit over Adidas Charity Program

The program will give students financial help if they rid their schools of "potentially harmful Native American imagery or symbolism."

Unobstructed View: The RG Theseus Paradox

Matt Terl on the benching of Robert Griffin III.

Feds Intervene in Washington Football Team Trademark Dispute

The Department of Justice is not taking a position on the team's name, just a federal statute.

Local Sports Bar Plans Wake for Washington Football Team

There will be free "Im-peach Snyder" shots every time the Eagles score on Saturday.

New Yorker Goes Big and Explicit on Washington Football Team Controversy

No, the artist is not in favor of the team name.

The Needle: Every Love Has its Limits

The Washington football team fans have given up.

Del. Norton Introduces Bill to Strip NFL of Tax-Exempt Status Over Washington Football Team Name

A similar bill has already been introduced in the Senate.

Legislation Would Ban D.C. Schools From Using Race-Based Team Names or Mascots

A number of District schools have Native American-related mascots.

Pete’s Apizza Uses Washington Football Team Name Six Times in Email, Apologizes

If only Dan Snyder were this sensible.