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People In D.C. Really Want To Live In Bethesda

Real estate search company Trulia has mined the data from its users' housing searches and made cool-looking maps out of it. In D.C., users who are looking for new places to live outside of D.C. really, really like looking at houses in Bethesda (and Baltimore).
The love is mutual, apparently: Bethesda residents spend a lot of [...]

Photo: Barber Shop

30 May 2009
© 2009 Don Harris

This Week’s Page Three Photo

1100 Block of New Jersey Avenue SE, April 11

Westboro Baptist Church Fails to “Save” American University Students

“Where the fuck are they?” says one American University student, as she and her friends join the crowd of AU students gathered to counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church gathering on a cold Friday afternoon. “Are they here yet?”
They were. The problem these AU students were having, however, was that the Topeka-based church had brought far [...]

Photo: Tour Bus

Massachusetts Avenue NW, July 20

Photos: Ten People Wearing Masks

Bastille Day, French Maid Race in Photos

Photo: Woman on Phone

Mt. Pleasant Street NW, May 4

Photos: Boobquake Day

In which an attempt is made to disprove Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi's position that cleavage causes earthquakes.

Photos: Guns Along the Potomac

Photos: Emancipation Day

Photos: From the Series: Lunch Hour

14th and Irving Street NW, April 7

Photos: Police Tape

Photo: Man on Phone

Wilson Building, April 1

Photo: Three Women on Phones

Columbia Road, March 31