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The Needle: Rock Creek Deer Safe…for Now

Oh Deer: A scheduled cull of Rock Creek Park deer is on hold after activists file-d lawsuits opposing the slaughter, according to opponents of the cull. +1
Newspaper Shuttered: Warren Buffett's Media General newspaper chain is closing the Manassas News & Messenger and the Inside NOVA website. -5

The Needle: Somebody’s Watching Me Edition

Metropolitan Panopticon: More and more businesses these days have some kind of surveillance camera set up, keeping an eye on you while you buy your groceries, deposit your paycheck, fill up your gas tank, or run up more unsecured consumer debt. All those cameras are, apparently, making District officials jealous. So the city plans to [...]

Virginia Is For Meddlers: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Media Seats Up For Grabs At Wone Trial," "Jim Graham On Developer Donations: 'Ain't No Corruption In Me'," "ABC Board Lifts Georgetown Liquor Limit," "Argument [...]