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Council Approves Incentives for D.C. Residents to Install Security Cameras

Hundreds of dollars available per household or business

Charles Allen, Tree Hugger

"We want to make sure that if we cut a tree like that down, it's a last resort."

Navy Yard Residents: Seriously, We Want Nothing To Do With This Tunnel Project

Navy Yard residents still unequivocally don't want the the city to give a complex Virginia Avenue Tunnel construction project the go-ahead, and last night, hundreds of neighbors came out to let Mayor Vince Gray know just how horrible they think the project is.

The 4,000-foot Virginia Avenue Tunnel is an operating rail track for freight trains [...]

“Hell No, We Won’t Go to Ward 7″

With the first vote on the city’s new redistricted ward map set for Thursday, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells and his supporters brought bullhorns to Lincoln Park last night to protest the proposed 17th Street dividing line that would send the eastern edge of Capitol Hill into Ward 7.
As Housing Complex's Lydia DePillis has pointed [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Your Song Blows Edition

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Blame Metro?

Go-Go schedule
Goodbye, Amanda

Good afternoon sweet readers! What was up with the wackjob at the Ward 6 mayoral forum last night who kept yelling, [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Waiving Fees Edition

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¿Dónde está Fenty?

NIMBY grill
Don't cover this!

Good morning sweet readers! The power is back. All hail the demon lords of electricity, who giveth light, the Internet, and a [...]

Wells Aims to Crack Down on Juvenile Absconders

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells says he's planning to hold a hearing on juvenile absconders after it was revealed that one of the suspects arrested in the murder of middle school prinicipal Brian Betts had skipped out of a city group home just weeks before the crime.
"These places aren't secure and they're not meant to be,"  says [...]

Southwest Residents Concerned about 12-Day Safeway Closure

Southwest residents have long kvetched about their local Safeway, on M Street SW. Shortages of staples such as bread and milk, produce so aged it wilts before you can get it onto the dinner table, long checkout lines—those experiences are consensus points for those who live in the city's forgotten corner.
And another point of consensus: [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Are New Proposed Tax Bills for Mount Vernon Triangle Condo Associations Taxing?

The Issue: Condo associations in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood are none too pleased with a proposed initiative of the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR). Under a pilot program, OTR would send one lump-sum tax bill to each condo association, rather than individual bills to each condo owner. So what? Condo associations don't [...]

Fenty Issues Press Release; Why Care?

Yesterday, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's office issued the following press release: 'Fenty Administration Shuts Down 14th Vacant Problem Property in Ward Six for the Year.'
The release goes on to explain how the Ward 6 Core Team Drug Haven/Vacant Problem Property Initiative 'shut down' an H Street NE structure as part of its program to shutter [...]

Remembering Jan Eichhorn

Jan Eichhorn, a Southwest political activist and public servant across four decades, died Monday at 71. She had cancer.
The list of groups and activities in which Eichhorn had been active—the D.C. Democratic State Committee, the Ward 6 Democrats, an advisory neighborhood commission, various voting-rights and statehood groups—doesn't quite describe the breadth of her legacy. Dating [...]

Not Breaking: Councilmember Wells Suspects Eastern Market Fire Was Arson

Two years after the fact, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has gone on the record suspecting that the Eastern Market fire was arson. Wells tells the Voice of the Hill:
"'I have a tremendous amount of suspicion that it was arson,' Wells told the Voice immediately after the market reopened Friday."
Eastern Market re-opened today with the [...]