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How Would D.C. General Replacement Shelters Affect School Enrollment?

The issue came up last week at a D.C. Council oversight hearing on education.

Parents Petition to Keep Fillmore Arts Center Funded

The center currently provides arts education to about 1,700 students from five schools.

Mary Cheh Didn’t Authorize Gray-Cheh Firetruck Parade Chants

What is it about firetrucks and District politics?
If you happened to mosey on by the antique firetruck parked outside the Palisades Park recreation center on July 4, you might have gotten the sense that Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh has come out in support of D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray’s mayoral bid over incumbent Adrian [...]

Neighborhood Watch: A Streetcar-Aimed Desire for Wisconsin Avenue

The Issue: The District Department of Transportation's plan to install a 37-mile streetcar system glaringly leaves Ward 3 out in the cold, without concrete plans for a streetcar to run up Wisconsin Avenue from Georgetown. “One of the reasons they didn’t proceed was lack in community support,” says Glover Park resident Ben Thielen and creator [...]