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D.C. May Create Task Force to Study Street Harassment

The task force would prepare a report on data and best practices designed to curb it.

Neighborhood News Roundup: Not Just For the Late Night Shots Crowd Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
More Than the Sum of Tom-Tom: The Very Cherry AdMo Pop-Up Shop sprung up to fill the empty space on 18th Street left by Uptowner Deli, but members of the Ward 1 email list are crediting it with more [...]

Adams Morgan Shooting Victim Dies: Retaliation to Follow?

The victim in Wednesday night's shooting in Adams Morgan died of his wounds, The Washington Post is reporting. Mozart Place NW, in the vicinity of Euclid Street, was swarmed with Metropolitan Police Department officers following the shooting. MPD has been investigating the incident as a homicide.
According to an e-mail sent to an Adams Morgan online [...]

Jim Graham and Adrian Fenty Swing By Park Road

The 2010 D.C. campaign so far: Another day, another groundbreaking ceremony.
Over three dozen people gathered in the sweltering heat this morning on the 1400 block of Park Road NW, in Columbia Heights, for a bricklaying on new storefronts for a retail strip next to D.C. USA. The Samuel Kelsey Community Outreach Center, Deli Grocery, and [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Bar Icing Neighbors?

The Issue: A new tavern is set to move into Ward 1–and just in time, as there's nothing better than ice and boozing after a 9:30 Club show in this sweltering heat. The American Ice Company has taken over the 2,375 square foot lot once occupied by Madden Roofing, at 917 V Street [...]

Poll Shows Adrian Fenty Beating Vincent Gray in Ward 1

A new poll of Ward 1 voters puts Mayor Adrian Fenty 6 points above his challenger, D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray.
The poll, commissioned and released by Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham’s campaign, pegged Hizzoner’s support among likely Democratic voters in the ward at 43 percent compared to 37 percent for Gray. Dark horse candidate Leo Alexander [...]

Jim Graham On Developer Donations: ‘Ain’t No Corruption In Me’

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham has managed to raise more than $210,000, according to recent campaign finance reports. You can bet that the coffers of his challengers–Bryan Weaver and Jeff Smith–are tiny in comparison. Graham's major moolah seems to imply he has some moneyed friends. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. Well, unless one of those friends was once [...]

Sign Tampering Scandal a ‘Charade,’ Jim Graham Campaigner Says

Ward 1 Democratic candidate Jeff Smith continues to accuse incumbent D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham of tampering with his political signs.
Graham's camp maintains there is  "zero hard evidence" of any such malfeasance.
Smith says he recently received an email from Mt. Pleasant resident Margot Berkey, alleging that the Department of Public Works (DPW), a city agency whose committee Graham oversees, [...]

Smith, Weaver Gang Up On Graham at Ward 1 Council Debate

D.C. Council hopeful Jeff Smith last night immediately went on the attack during a debate between the candidates for the Ward 1 council seat, hosted by the Kalorama Citizens Association at Goodwill Baptist Church, accusing incumbent Councilmember Jim Graham of sabotaging Smith's campaign efforts by tearing down street signs.
Graham denied the allegation. "If you have a video of [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Mural Objections in Walter Pierce Park

The Issue: First picnic tables, now a spray-painted mural of a giant dog and children blowin’ bubbles is causin' a ruckus in Walter Pierce Park. Not so much the mural, per se, but the process it took to get there. Ward 1 residents were given a 10-day notice, posted on a neighborhood Listserv, that [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Residents Flash-Mob Mt. Pleasant Library Expansion

The Issue: The saga between neighborhood residents and the District of Columbia Public Library (DCPL) battles on. Mount Pleasant Public Library in Ward 1, set to close on Saturday for renovation and expansion, is the latest in the spotlight of the library wars. For the past two years, DCPL and the community have been [...]

Judge Calls Out Jim Graham on Juvies

Chief Superior Court Judge Lee F. Satterfield doesn't like the fact that Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham has been posturing about the inadequacy of D.C.'s juvenile justice system via listserv.
In an email to Ward 1 ANC commissioners, Satterfield accuses Graham of playing the blame game. Graham apparently wants his [...]

Jim Graham’s Change of Heart on Loitering

So some posters on the MPD listservs are still all like...get these kids off my lawn. "I live on 16th Street NE, near Mt. Olivet Rd and the loitering is worsening as the weather warms," one exasperated resident says.
The complaining is mostly about youngsters hanging out in neighborhoods in large groups, intimidating wine and cheese [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Should Georgetown Secede?’ Edition

First, a mini roundup: Washington Post readers don't like pictures of gay men kissing ("please don’t shove this 'Gay' business in our face"; "I will be glad when your rag goes out of business. Real men marry women"; "disturbing"). Former representative Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) has some splainin' to do (it's not every day you can [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Adams Morgan Partiers Collateral Damage in Cab Driver Strike

The Issue: This weekend, anyone in Adams Morgan between 1 and 4 a.m., (read: drunk college students) will be walking home—DC cab drivers have decided to boycott the area north of U Street, south of Harvard Street, west of 16th street, and east of Connecticut Avenue. Frat boys are the latest casualties in the ongoing [...]