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At Street Harassment Hearing, Witnesses Share Stories, Call for Safer Environments

It was the first hearing exclusively focused on the topic.

A Crossing to Bear: Examining D.C.’s Most ‘Dangerous’ Intersections

And what the city is doing about them.

D.C. Bikers Set Out to Prove They’re Not Terrorists

It may have been the most law-abiding bike ride D.C. has ever seen. Cyclists walked their bikes on sidewalks, stopped completely for red lights, and even offered a wave of appreciation to city officials directing traffic. The bikers were doing everything they could to prove to Washington Post columnist Courtland Millloy that they weren't bike terrorists.
Milloy penned a column [...]

District Line Daily: Maybe Next Year

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That game. Taking RGIII out would've been a tough call for Mike Shanahan, but you don't [...]

The Needle: Y Is For Yacht Edition

Dan Snyder, Yachtsman: Last month, the Washington Post recounted how Redskins owner Dan Snyder, disillusioned after yet another Jim Zorn-era loss, hopped aboard the team's private jet on a lark in the middle of the night to fly off to Colorado to chat with Mike Shanahan, who in due time became his next coach. Well, if Shanahan goes [...]

How to Use the Inagural Bike Valet

Tomorrow, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association will be running Inauguration Day bike valet stations from 7 am to 5 pm.
If you're interested in having the cycling-supporters park and guard your ride while you hang with Obama, one of the two stations will be located north of the National Mall at 16th St. NW between K [...]

Not Using the Inaugural Bike Valet? You Can Still Park Your Cycle

Yesterday, the Washington City Paper's own Darrow Montgomery asked an important question in the comments section of a post focusing on the flood of RSVPs (as of now, over 1,300) the Washington Area Bicycle Association has received for its Inaug-Day bicycle-parking service: "What happens to bikes locked up outside these areas?"
Seeking an answer, City Desk [...]

Inaugural Bike Valet Station RSVPs May Be Sign of Bike-pocalypse

Update: How to Use the Inaugural Bike Valet
WABA program-assistant Henry Mesias, who has provided City Desk with all sorts of timely scoops regarding the free bike valet service the association will offer on Inauguration Day, says the non-profit is fully prepared for a "bikepocalypse."  And why might he predict one?  Around this time last week, [...]

Inaugural Bike Valet Stations Approved

According to Washington Area Bicyclist Association program assistant Henry Mesias, it's official: WABA will be setting up bike valet stations at the Capitol on Inauguration Day. "Locations are still TBA," he writes in an email, "but there will be designated bike valet areas north and south of the event."
The nonprofit had been waiting for approval [...]

Bike Valet Station Coming to Inauguration 2009?

Update: It's on. Find out how to use the inaugural bike valet here
The Washington Area Bicycle Association's Henry Mesias says a 2:30 meeting between the organization and the District Department of Transportation yesterday, in which plans to allow WABA to set up a bike valet station for Inauguration Day were discussed, "went well."  But [...]

Free Bike Lights Tonight

Recently, my brother started commuting by bike to and from his job in Chicago. I love my brother, but his commitment to half-assedness is breathtaking—rather than buy a helmet, he made do with his 10-year-old son's skateboarding helmet, which he perched on top of his head Chilly Willy–style, and instead of lights he had...nothing but [...]