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The Needle: Party Time

Party Like It's 2009: Now that Barack Obama's been sworn in for a second term, here are the bars and restaurants that are staying open extra late. +4
Big City, Small Sign: Mayor Vince Gray carried a D.C. voting rights sign in the inaugural parade. -1

Ralph Nader Wants a Presidential Debate About D.C.

Fresh off proposing that people show up 15 minutes late to work to fight for statehood, presidential spoiler Ralph Nader has a new scheme to help the District: demanding a presidential debate on D.C. issues.
In a letter sent today, Nader and co-signers including Mayor Vince Gray, Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal, and D.C. Vote [...]

The Needle: Out In The Streets, They Call It Murder Edition

No Taxation Without Starvation: Getting D.C. representation in Congress turns out to be physically hard work. The last remaining protester from the Occupy D.C. movement who's on a hunger strike to demand voting rights, Adrian Parsons, has lost 25 pounds in three weeks. He's consuming only vitamins and water, enhanced with electrolytes. Parsons' doctors have [...]

Video: Tattooed Activists Speak Out, Show Off Their Inked D.C. Pride

We've already shown you some pictures from Tuesday's Flags in the Flesh rally in Dupont Circle, where D.C. residents met to show off their D.C. flag tattoos and speak out for voting rights. We also chatted with a few of the organizers and attendees, including former D.C. Council candidate and community activist Bryan Weaver and [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: Un-hearty Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
Tag, You're It: Park View D.C. looks at the prolific work of neighborhood tagger "nero"—with pictures!—intending to highlight why his graffiti is a blight on the neighborhood. But some commenters feel that publicly shaming the tagger isn't the best [...]

Today in D.C. History: Fauntroy Says D.C. Close to Achieving Statehood Dreams

On Feb. 7, 1987, the District’s then-non-voting congressional delegate, Walter Fauntroy, declared that D.C.’s statehood hopes would soon be realized during a voting rights strategy session the pastor and civil rights leader organized.
As City Paper's Loose Lips reported in the Feb. 13 issue that year:
Fauntroy painted a rosy picture of the prospects for for action [...]

Pennsylvania Avenue By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Settling on the latest strategy for highlighting the District's lack of voting representation in Congress was easy: The D.C. Council wants to rename the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
Figuring out what to rename the street, though, may turn out to be a little harder.

The Needle: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am Edition

Suffragette City: Members of the League of Women Voters join forces with the Association of the Oldest Inhabitants of D.C. to demand voting rights for the District on the 90th anniversary of the certification of the 19th Amendment, which granted the right to vote to women—as long as they don't live in D.C., of course, [...]

D.C.’s Savior Complex: Loose Lips Daily

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In CASE YOU MISSED IT—"LaVar's Crazy Gender Studies," "Fifth Amendment Doesn't Apply To Feces-Flinging Inmate," "Lanier Denies Covering Up Fenty Abuse," "Shooting In Congress Heights," "Vincent Gray's Education Plan [...]

Travis Childers for D.C. Council? Stick to Mississippi, Activists Say

Activists with DC Vote—whose executive director Ilir Zherka figures heavily into this week's City Paper cover story by writer Byron Tau —staged a "file-in" demonstration on Capitol Hill yesterday, one by one filing into the offices of U.S. Rep. Travis Childers in protest of the Mississippi Democrat's efforts to gut the District's gun laws.
It was Childers' 11th-hour [...]

Voting Rights, D.C. Vote, and Return on Investment

LL, in his column this week, like many political observers of late questioned the strategy the District's political establishment has pursued to secure congressional voting rights for District residents.
"Since the idea of trading a single House vote for D.C. for an extra House vote for Utah took root five years ago in the mind of [...]

Obama Backs Voting Rights Bill

President Barack Obama issued a statement this Emancipation Day morning urging passage of the D.C. House Voting Rights Act, by far his most full-throated and concrete effort in support of congressional voting rights for the District. It reads;
On this occasion, we remember the day in 1862 when President Lincoln freed the enslaved people of Washington, [...]

WaPo: D.C. Voting Rights Bill Headed for House Vote

Ann Marimow of the Washington Post is reporting that Democratic leadership plans to bring a D.C. voting rights bill to the House floor "as early as next week."
The catch: Marimow reports the measure will include some sort of amendment constraining the District's gun-control laws—an idea massively unpopular among the city political establishment.
The bill would grant [...]

Voting-Rights Funding Again Goes to D.C. Vote

Earlier this month, as LL reported, the city gave a $150,000 grant to D.C. Vote to promote voting rights and statehood, only to take it back when it was discovered that several grant-seekers were excluded from the judging due to a technical error.
The re-do is complete, and surprise: The Office of the Secretary announced today [...]

City Awards Voting Rights Grant, Takes It Back

This year, the District of Columbia has budgeted $150,000 "to be awarded competitively to one or more organizations with a history of supporting DC voting rights."
Back in January, the Office of the Secretary, charged with running the competition, announced it was taking grant applications. And on Feb. 26, a press release announced that DC Vote [...]