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Metro Fire in Virginia Disrupts Service [UPDATE]

Another day, another Metro fire

FTA Creates State Safety Oversight Rule That Could Make Metro Safer

The rule requires states to certify their safety oversight programs for rail transit with the FTA by 2019.

Analysis: D.C. Families’ Tax Burden Lower Than Other Jurisdictions

That's true across income levels, too.

Regional Leaders Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Fix Metro

Mayor Muriel Bowser and the governors of Virginia and Maryland say they'll work to create a new safety oversight agency.

Photo: Women with Lollipops

Gateway Park, Rosslyn, VA.  June 9th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Photos: Virginia Gold Cup Races

Full Gallery.  Virginia Gold Cup, The Plains, VA.  May 4th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Steamed Suburbanites Bring Road Rage to D.C.

Will Washington's streets become a battleground for suburbanites with anger management issues? Consider the Silver Spring woman and Alexandria man who are in legal trouble after allegedly brandishing a knife and gun at each other, the Washington Post reports.
The fight the Post describes as "a dramatic dance of mutual road rage" started Saturday night on the [...]

The Needle: Coin of the Realm

Melted Down: The Virginia-only coin proposal is no more. -2
High Roller: A traffic camera on South Capitol near I Street SW was the District's top-earning camera in 2011, raking in a whopping $743,280. N.B.: That's dollars, not Virginian rubles.  -1

The Needle: The Virginia Dollar

Funny Money: A proposal to study whether Virginia should spend more than $17,000 studying whether to have its own, separate currency passed the Commonwealth's House of Delegates yesterday. And yes, that's American money. -3
Fancy Facial Hair: The Wizards' Martell Webster says he "pampers" his beard with Moroccan oil. +1

The Needle: Horse on the Loose

The Great Escape: Incredibly, a horse that escaped from a Laurel Park racetrack this morning avoided serious injury. +3
Train in Vain: So, who's doing a hit piece on smart growth spiritual leader David Alpert? +/- 0

Photos: Dog Swim Day

Slideshow.  Cameron Run Regional Park, Alexandria, VA.  Sept. 8th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Apple Blossom Festival

Slideshow.  Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, May 5th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Vance on the Warpath Edition

Can You Hear Me Now?: Add cell phone bills to the long list of ways the D.C. Council has managed to waste money this year (besides Lincoln Navigators and trips to New Hampshire, of course). Roaming charges and extensive messaging added up to $61,000 in cell phone bills over the last year for the council [...]

The Needle: Virginia is for Stoners Edition

Yes, Virginia, You Put Your Weed In There: In the near future, Virginia may no longer just be the place to buy legal guns and cheap tobacco. It'll also be the place to go buy pot! Legislators in the Old Dominion are studying whether to allow marijuana sales at state-owned liquor stores. Prediction: This won't happen. [...]

The Needle: You For President Edition

You For President: Normally we stay as far away from presidential horse race politics as we can, but today was a weird day. First up, the guy everyone was so fired up about six months ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped out of the race (even though he's on the D.C. ballot). Erik Wemple ranks [...]