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Want to See the Future of College Athletics? Look to the Lake!

Ralph Nader attacked what he calls the "myth of amateurism" among college sports and cited a need to "de-professionalize" today's student athletes.
Nader would get a chuckle should he gaze toward Kentucky Lake this weekend. There, outside Paducah, Ky., he'd find Falls Church's Joe Wilkerson and Ryan Ingalls of Fairfax representing Christopher Newport [...]

Ex-Hokie Leaps from Flag Football to NFL!

Talk about rags to riches!
As we check out for the holiday, I'd like to confess being thankful to two of the nicest people in D.C. media and personal heroes, Dan Steinberg and Grant Paulsen, for making me aware of the coolest story of the season: This weekend, Macho Harris will make the jump from Fairfax [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Put on a Tool Belt and Bug a Senator’s Office’ Edition

Morning, City Desk.
Bad news: Police are "fairly confident" they've found the remains of Morgan Harrington, the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who disappeared in October after getting separated from her friends at a Metallica concert in Charlottesville. The remains were found at Anchorage Farm by owner David Bass, who said he was out checking fences on [...]

Report: Remains of Missing Virginia Tech Student Found

The Associated Press is reporting that police believe they have found the skeletal remains of Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student who went missing in October after a Metallica concert in Charlottesville:
The skeletal remains were found Tuesday morning by a farmer surveying his farm. The farm is about 10 miles from where Harrington attended the [...]

The Cult Edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species: Spotted at Virginia Tech!

The givers-away of the cult edition of Darwin's Origin of Species have been spotted! A graduate student at Virginia Tech, Josette Torres, reports via Twitter that she was handed a copy yesterday. She thought this was just random. But now she knows better. It's not random, it's divine!

Virginia Tech’s “Man Castle”: Now Less Manly

It wouldn't be fair to write just about the so-called Virgin Vault at Virginia Tech. Because the Blacksburg campus has also been home to a seven-story all-male dorm so manly it earned itself not one, but two, nicknames over the years: the "Man Castle" and the "Seven Layers of Players."
With over 1,000 beds, that's a [...]

Enter at Your Own Risk: A Tale from Virginia Tech’s “Virgin Vault”

Reading about the "Booty Wall" at Howard University last week sent one regular City Paper reader on a trip down memory lane. A graduate of Virginia Tech, she wrote in to share some of the particulars of her time living in that school's "Virgin Vault."

Shocker: V-Tech Therapists Failed Shooter

Today, Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho's family has allowed for the release of his newly discovered mental-health records. The records were located recently at the home of the former-head of the school's counseling center. WaPo reports the not-stunning news that Virginia Tech's counselors essentially blew off Cho in late 2005—nearly two years before he went [...]

‘Politics At Its Worst': Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Peter Nickles: I Will Not Call You Back," "Video: Is Cleveland Park Dead?" and "The Pershing Park Case: Did A District Official Commit Perjury?"
Morning all. [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Michael Vick Inspired ‘Whale Wars’?

Brett Favre's gone, so Michael Vick talk dominates.
Vinny Cerrato yesterday told the Washington Post that the Redskins will not pursue Vick, doggedly or otherwise. But Cerrato has fibbed so many times about personnel matters, most blatantly while acquiring Jason Taylor from Miami last summer, that his credibility in these situations is less than zero. So [...]

VA Tech Gunman’s Mental Health Records Found

Virginia Tech has some more explaining to do. More than two years after Seung Hui Cho went on his murderous rampage across the school's sprawling campus, the Post is reporting that his mental-health records from Tech's counseling center have been found.
The new records contradict Virginia Tech's old narrative of events. The records appear to suggest [...]

Remembering And Fighting For Erin Peterson

Yesterday, an important moment came between all the memorials and tributes marking the two-year anniversary of the massacre at Virgina Tech. Two victims' families filed lawsuits in Fairfax County. The families of Julia Kathleen Pryde and Erin Nicole Peterson had opted out of the $11 million settlement and had to meet a two-year time limit [...]