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The Needle: Tie-Hard Fan

Crack Swag: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who admitted today to smoking crack cocaine "probably in one of [his] drunken stupors," wore a tie with a visible Pigskins logo on it, thus guaranteeing that the inevitable Marion Barry comparisons would be even easier to write. -2

Slim Pickings: The Virginia gubernatorial race is today, and so far, it appears turnout has [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Baby Turtles for Sale(?)

*VA GOVERNOR WATCH: The editorial board of the Washington Times chastises the Democratic Governors Association for taking premature swings at Bob McDonnell, former Attorney General of Virginia and the GOP candidate for Virginia's upcoming gubernatorial race. Among the Times' charges: the DGA has created a shadow org., Common Sense Virginia, from which to "spew poppycock" [...]