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Police Chief: 2015 Was the First Year Homicides Didn’t Drop in Targeted Areas

Still, violent crime dropped 14 percent in these four police service areas.

New Task Force Aims to Reduce Robberies in D.C.

It handles both street crime and crimes committed on D.C.'s Metro system.

Another Death During Special Police Custody Ruled Homicide

James McBride, 74, died after being restrained by private guards outside the Medstar Washington Hospital Center.

Health Report: D.C. Has Low Obesity and Excessive-Drinking Rates, But Above-Average Infant Mortality

Drug deaths are also up more than 50 percent in the past two years.

Report: D.C. Youth Arrests at Lowest Level in a Decade

“When we focus wrongly on young people, it distracts us from real solutions to crime.”

Bowser Doubles Down, Makes Public Show of Support for Lanier

At a press conference Tuesday, the mayor said the police chief “knows this city like few others do," despite the recent criticism she's received from the police union.

D.C. Saw Fewer Robberies, Increase in Gun Recoveries in 2014, Says MPD Report

Total gun recoveries—a hot topic on officials’ minds—increased roughly 64 percent from 2013 to 2014.

Report: Despite Rough Summer, D.C. Seeing Historically Low Levels of Violent Crime

A new analysis released today by the Urban Institute shows that in the past 20 years, violent crime in the District has significantly decreased.

Police Chiefs Meet for “National Summit on Violence”

Major cities' police chiefs held a conference Monday at which the group presented recommendations for curbing the national spike in violent crime.

Mayor, Police Chief Rail Against Gun Violence

Bowser and Lanier addressed the spike in violent crime in the District, focusing on two incidents that occurred in July.

Did Violent Crime Drop Because Cocaine Got Cheaper?

At The Atlantic Cities, Llewellyn Hinkes-Jones has an theory about why violent crime in cities dropped so dramatically in the mid-'90s: Cocaine got a lot cheaper.
Once the margin of profit for dealing small amounts of crack cocaine disappeared, being part of the drug trade was no longer worth the persistent threat of violence or the stiff [...]