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Cheap Seats Daily: Can Mike Shanahan Make ‘Mastermind’ a Good Word Again?

The highlight of last night's lousy BCS game was the Gatorade shower gone awry. Alabama coach Nick Saban almost went down after taking a huge hit from two surely former players who ran into him with a tub full of beverage.
Local football fans already knew how dangerous the Gatorade shower can be: That's what killed [...]

Holy Crap! Bruce Allen Taking Over for Cerrato!

Thank you for honoring the tradition of content below the headline, but all I have to say is in the title of this post.

Morning Roundup: Holy Crap, Vinny Cerrato Resigned Edition

Holy crap! Vinny Cerrato resigned!
After the jump, the morning roundup I was working on before I read that.

Cheap Seats Daily: Local Fighter Goes for a Belt

Lamont Peterson finally goes for a world title this weekend. He'll be fighting Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley for the WBO Junior Welterweight belt on Saturday in Rancho Mirage, Calif.
I'll be rooting for for Lamont. Hard. I first encountered him in late 2001, when he and his brother, Anthony Peterson, trained in a furnace room in [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Vinny Cerrato and Dave Donovan, the Ames Mafia?

Special Jury Duty version of Cheap Seats Daily! As I'm finishing up this latest load upstairs at the D.C. Superior Court, the house video system is playing the Ken Burns baseball documentary, the one that's run on PBS several days a week at all times of day throughout the last few decades.
Today the courts are [...]

Life Imitates Art: ‘Karl Swanson’ Had a Role in ‘Dumb and Dumber’?

Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato, the poster children of the Prague Spring for Redskins fans, have been dubbed "Dumb" and "Dumber" in much of the agit prop that Redskins security has worked so hard to keep out of FedExField.
Awesome trivia: In "Dumb and Dumber," 1994 movie that informs the insurgency, there's a character named "Karl [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Hey, Dan Snyder: How’d That Dick Clark Deal Work Out for Six Flags Stockholders?

It's not clear to me which is the bigger travesty: Vinny Cerrato keeping his job so long after running the Redskins into the ground, or Dan Snyder staying atop Six Flags despite making all the wrong moves since taking over the now-bankrupt theme park chain in 2005.
Six Flags' reorganization is nowhere near complete, and god [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: David Donovan, Snyder’s Latest Newspaper Hater, Was a Paperboy?

For all his media hatred, Dan Snyder stuffs his staff with media people. Karl Swanson was in newspapers. Larry Michael was a radio executive. Even Vinny Cerrato came back to the team after a stint at ESPN, where he spent a season in exile after being banished by Marty Schottenheimer (who looks more like Vince [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Jim Zorn Will Definitely Be the Head Coach, Hopefully?

Another Redskins game that ain't a sellout. Another Redskins game that won't be blacked out.
The graphic above is from the latest installment of the now regular email blasts that precede every home game.
But no matter what your head tells you, remember: Dan Snyder says the Redskins have a waiting list of "over 200,000" names of [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Remember When This Was Called ‘Redskins Weather’?

Hate to stomp on the weather beat that others at City Desk are already covering with gusto. But I'll stick to forecasts, and stay away from the retrocasting favored by the boss.
So, Sunday in Landover at kickoff: 47 degrees, rainy, winds 13 miles an hour from the north and 100 percent cloud cover. That used [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: The Johnny Rockets Menu Proves Dan Snyder Is Priceless?

Dan Snyder's detestability rating enjoyed another spike yesterday: Reports out of FedExField for the Tampa Bay game have Snyder confiscating paper bags at the entrance to his stadium, so fans couldn't put them on their heads for the TV cameras.
Sportstalk radio station WJFK this morning put on callers who said they got bags past the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Leonsis Says Caps Bigger Than Jesus?

Sally Jenkins goes after Dan Snyder like she'd invested in Six Flags. Her latest column reviews Snyder's historic star-struckitude and avoidance of personal accountability, and every paragraph is great and dead-on and brutal.
A sampling:
This is Snyder's team; he was intimately involved in assembling it. He keeps his favorite players on speed dial, watches practices on [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Are the Redskins Using Robert Henson to Protect Zorn, Campbell, Snyder, FedEx, Etc…?

Dim WitsGate™ makes it to the front page of the Washington Post! That means the story of Robert Henson's Twittered insults of Redskins fans — calling them "dim wits" and saying they "work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds" — occupies the same real estate where Watergate became the original -Gate!
Bottom line: Cheap Seats Daily's hype [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Nats to Hire Rizzo? Lerners to Save Themselves from Themselves?

The fans' will be done: Looks like Mike Rizzo, the anti-Vinny Cerrato in that his team's followers really, really like him, will get the Nationals general manager's job after all.
Yesterday, rumors broke that the team was going to boot Rizzo and hire the Diamondbacks' Jerry DiPoto. Nats fan boards lit up with pleas for management [...]

Mike Rizzo: The Anti-Cerrato?

Nats de facto general manager Mike Rizzo just made a deal giving an unproven talent the biggest contract a player in his position has ever been given in the history of his sport.
In other words, a deal just like those Redskins de facto GM Vinny Cerrato makes every offseason.
And now it looks like Rizzo's about [...]