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Our Morning Roundup: Growing Plastic Flowers

Sigh. Vertigo Books is seeking kind home(s) for its fixtures. Vertigo expects to close on April 25. Fisher offers his own personal reflections on the bookstore's closing and in particular co-owner Bridget Warren: "I've rarely met a more passionate and knowledgeable bookseller than Warren, whose commitment to books and the people who read them is [...]

This Sucks: Vertigo Books Is Closing

Vertigo Books has just announced that it is closing. Very sad news as the bookstore had an awesome staff, offered a great selection, and produced interesting readings each month from well-known authors and should-be-well-known authors. They championed African-American literature in particular and had close ties with the DC-area community. They defined the independent bookstore. In [...]

Book’d: Zombies in Bethesda, Three-for-two in College Park

It's only a matter of time before ebooks destroy the print publishing industry, an evolutionary inkling that Ted Scheinman and yours truly documented at the District level (and here's the NYT Magazine's Gerry Marzorati writing about people who'd rather read novela-length cover stories on their Blackberries). As Kindle Come draws near, bibliophiles can (and should) [...]

Vertigo’s Top Book Picks

Todd Stewart of Vertigo Books was on the Kojo Nnamdi Show today offering a few recommendations for some of his favorite books of the year. I've read (and liked) two of the books in his list, Philip Roth's Indignation and Art Spiegelman's Breakdowns, which gives me a fair amount of confidence in the rest. With [...]

Pooh & Lenny Bruce at Vertigo Books

Olsson's is dead and gone, but that doesn't mean DC's meatspace is without some fine used-bookstores. Vertigo Books in College Park has some sweet deals going on right now. (I know, I know, it's not technically in DC, but spare me the geography lessons–it's close enough.)
For yer buyin' pleasure:
The Trials of Lenny Bruce can be [...]