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Did Capitals’ Boobirds Unleash the Fury?

The Caps won their 9th straight game last night on the road in Montreal against the team that booted 'em out of last year's Stanley Cup playoffs in the first round.
Just a couple weeks after doom and gloom consumed the Washington fan base, the team is now in second place in the Eastern Conference and [...]

The Needle: Redesigning Blues Edition

Cherries Blooming: The news out of Japan gets bleaker and bleaker, between nuclear reactors (in worse shape than originally believed) and the death toll from Friday's 9.0 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami (likely much higher than estimates so far). Word that the National Park Service is sending back cuttings from the original cherry blossoms Japan [...]

Photos: Syracuse Beats Georgetown

700 Block 7th Street, NW.  Feb.  26th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

Photos: Lady Gaga

The Needle: Navigation Edition

Fully Unloaded: The job of D.C. Council chairman just got a lot less attractive; sure, there's the $190,000 annual salary, and the ability to boss around the other members of the legislature (though admittedly, that only goes so far). But as of today, Kwame Brown no longer gets a car. Mayor Vince Gray, apparently realizing [...]

Photos: Tongue Hockey

500 Block F Street, NW. © 2010 Matt Dunn

Community Service Soon Over for Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas is in compliance. In fact, the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency tells City Desk the basketball star and former halfway-house resident is almost finished with his community service. Gilbert was ordered by a judge to complete 400 hours of community service after his armed antics at the Verizon Center.

Our Morning Roundup: Peak of the Peak Edition

The most hated man in Washington is glumly going golfing. That's right, folks, Sidney Crosby and the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, your Washington Capitals' fiercest rivals, were finished off rather handily last night by those pesky Montreal Canadiens. 
Caps fans upset about the team's early exit from this year's playoffs can at least take solace in the dejected look [...]

Photos: Caps Curse

Our Morning Roundup: Rock the Dread Edition

So maybe this isn't the year. What did you expect? A series sweep? Over the most storied franchise in pro hockey? Seasoned Caps fans should know better.
I remember my first hockey bloopers videotape. The hilarious compilation of goofy clips devoted an entire section to the ups and downs of the Washington Capitals.
Remember 1987? The Caps raced out to [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: UDC’s Gym, the Finest Place in Town to Take a Dump?

This week for the suddenly revitalized and again adored print version of Washington City Paper, I, um, repurposed a piece about the UDC basketball team having to finish up the season with five players, and sometimes fewer.
For the newspaper, my story is headlined "Four on the Floor." Go pick up a copy! Patronize the advertisers [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins Drop the Fictional 200,000-Name Waiting List, But Not Ticket Prices?

The lead sentence of yesterday's press release from the Washington Redskins, dated Jan. 13, 2010, announcing the team won't raise ticket prices: "The Redskins have announced that general admission ticket prices for the 2010 season will be unchanged, remaining at the same price for the fifth season in a row.
The lead sentence of last year's press release [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: No Justice, or No Job, at Redskins Park?

The official announcement won't come until later today, but for those on the edge of their seats: Cheap Seats Daily has learned that Dan Snyder is about to be named Cheap Seats Unsportsman of the Year for 2009.
Snyder wins this dishonor pretty much every year. The second he retires it'll be renamed the Dan Snyder [...]

11 Questions about Abe Pollin

Did his MCI/Verizon Center revitalize Chinatown?
Did he coddle Wes Unseld for too long?
Did he err in changing the name of the Bullets to the Wizards?
Did he treat Michael Jordan too harshly?
Should he have re-signed an injured Gilbert Arenas?
Should he have sold the Wizards to Ted Leonsis instead of the Capitals?
Did he put Landover [...]

Photos: Last Night, on the Kiss Train

Yellow Line in the direction of Huntington, Oct. 13, 11 p.m.-ish. (Click to enlarge.)