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Our Morning Roundup: Social Climbing Edition

Vanity Fair's new profile of Sally Quinn is out, and it's chock-full of less-than-flattering details about the "star journalist [and] superstar hostess." The piece has plenty of details about Quinn's fraught relationship with the Bradlee family and her infamous final "The Party" column,  but it's most notable for its digs at her much ballyhooed social [...]

Unintended Takeaway From Vanity Fair‘s Washington Post Article

This article about the Washington Post by Michael Wolff in Vanity Fair: commenting on such things is Wemple's beat. All I could hope to add to the discussion is my belief that the photo of Katharine Weymouth on page 2 of this article is a Prince song waiting to happen.

Thomas Kinkade: Painter of Light, Master of Self-Aggrandizement

Paul Cullum at Vanity Fair snagged a memo from Thomas Kinkade to the workers on the set of his direct-to-DVD, X-Mas bomb. The best parts parts of the memo (ranked as superlatives) after the jump.