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Freddy’s Not Dead! Young Geezer Freddy Adu Resurrected in Gold Cup Final

I'm no Andres Cantor, but in my lifetime big-game soccer has rarely lived up to the hype. Coaches and refs tend to tense up and leave championship matches of all sorts to be decided by flukes and penalty kicks.
But Saturday's USA/Mexico matchup for the CONCACAF Gold Cup title, which I caught on over-the-air no-pay channel [...]

Analog TV Lives in DC!

Don't throw your rabbit ears away just yet, soccer fans. At least not until the CONCACAF Gold Cup is over.
I watched last night's USA/Honduras match in glorious analog, complete with an old-school non-digital antenna hooked up and pointing skyward.
The match was broadcast live from RFK on WMDO-47, an over-the-air Spanish station that is part of [...]

Futbol Diplomacy: Bring Zelaya to RFK!

A source at the Sports and Entertainment Commission tells me that there's not any hint that next week's Gold Cup soccer match between the beautiful losers of the USA national team and the Honduran national team will be affected by what's gone on. It's on.
I've read there's been a coup down south.
Apparently newly ex-President Manuel [...]