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Has DC Health Link Unleashed an Entrepreneurial Spirit in District Residents?

The Affordable Care Act freed some D.C. residents from job lock.

Report: D.C. Youth Arrests at Lowest Level in a Decade

“When we focus wrongly on young people, it distracts us from real solutions to crime.”

Report: Despite Rough Summer, D.C. Seeing Historically Low Levels of Violent Crime

A new analysis released today by the Urban Institute shows that in the past 20 years, violent crime in the District has significantly decreased.

How Often Do D.C. Students Hear Gunshots? A Lot.

Half of D.C.'s gunfire incidents take place within 1,000 feet of a public school.

Study: D.C. Underground Sex Industry Valued at $103 Million

The average underground sex act in D.C. costs between $20 and $150.
That's according to an Urban Institute report released today on how much money commercial sex generates in American cities. The report found that the little-talked about underground sex industry in D.C. was still worth about $103 million in 2007—that's the same value of the city's [...]

Assisting Homeowners In Prince George’s County

The Urban Institute's MetroTrends blog muses about how to best to spread around the cash Maryland is getting out of the $26 billion settlement five major banks made with the U.S. over the housing crisis. While D.C. is getting $40 million, Maryland's cut is $957 million, and most is supposed to assist homeowners who are [...]

Washington Metro Area Gets A “C” In Black-White Equality

In the wake of that study on segregation from the Manhattan Institute, here's the Urban Institute's report on black-white inequality in metropolitan areas. The top is Albuquerque, the bottom is Milwaukee. At Atlantic Cities, Ben Adler is somewhat critical of the results, and points out that the "best" cities for equality are also more affluent areas that [...]

Survey: D.C. Youths In Gangs Aren’t Actually Committing That Many Crimes

And more on violent crime dropping: An Urban Institute report from last November notes that in a survey of 161 D.C. youths age 14-21, nearly 17 percent identified themselves as being in a crew or a gang. But only 6.8 percent reporting having ever sold drugs, 6.2 percent stole goods over $100, 4.3 percent carried [...]