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Metro Train Driver Caught Using His Phone

Being in charge of a six- or eight-car train would be exciting enough for most people. Apparently, though, it's not enough to keep some Metro employees occupied, because they keep getting caught distracting themselves behind the wheel. In 2009, a train operator was caught texting, while a bus driver was fired for the offense in [...]

New Pictures Prove Metro Bus Driver Was Reading

After Unsuck D.C. Metro published footage yesterday of a Metro driver reading a newspaper while operating a bus, there was speculation, here and elsewhere, that the driver might just have been holding the paper instead of reading it. But now the person who shot the video has emailed me to prove those excuses wrong.
"I'm a [...]

After Twitter Fight, Metro Tells Contractor to Back Off

Despite offering some sick prizes, MindMixer, the company behind Metro's new feedback website, has already run into an old problem: People really don't like Metro.
Trouble started Thursday, when Metro tweet-gang ringleader Unsuck D.C. Metro pointed out that for a company that claims to be about generating user engagement, MindMixer doesn't have that many followers on [...]

Dan Stessel, Metro Flack and Blog Killer?

A week ago, Dan Stessel was on an Amtrak train traveling from Newark, N.J., to the District, when he found himself watching a clip of D.C. resident Dwight Harris having an encounter with transit police.
On his way here to assume the role of chief spokesman for Metro, the 35-year-old Stessel watched the now-viral video: Harris, [...]