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District Line Daily: University Gold Mines

Local universities bring in huge hauls.

The Needle: Watergate Part Two

Does too much security mean no water breaks?

The Needle: Half-Smoke Expansionism Edition

Half-Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em: Soon a respectable night out on H Street NE will end the way one does on U Street NW. Ben's Chili Bowl has acquired 1001 H St. NE, and expects the new location to be up and running in about eight months. (Unfortunately for adventurous, highly inebriated late-night eaters, the [...]

University of Maryland Sorority Sister Promises to “C*nt Punt” Loser Sisters

Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter from Michael Shannon

University of Maryland Greek Week can be stressful, especially if your sorority sisters aren't helping out. All that pressure has inspired one frenzied Delta Gamma sister to pen a brain-busting rant of an email, which has found its [...]

Why the University of Maryland Is Right to Leave the ACC

The first time the University of Maryland switched athletic conferences more than a half century ago, it had little choice but to make the move. Maryland’s impending switch from the Atlantic Coast Conference to the Big Ten Conference seems equally as desperate, and just as sensible.
Maryland finished its 1951 football regular season with a 9-0 [...]

The Needle: Forward! Edition

No More Free Parking: At least a third of D.C.'s neighborhood political disputes boil down to parking. Which is why word of secret free spaces by Thompson Boat House near Virginia Avenue NW caught our eye when a message about it appeared in The Mail, Gary Imhoff's e-newsletter. Park Police, a tipster wrote, never patrolled [...]

The Needle: Rain, Rain, Go Away Edition

Lost in the Flood: There was a time when it seemed like it hadn't rained in the District for weeks; grass dried up and died, it was unbearably hot, and weather officials were issuing drought warnings for the region. That time was August. Since then, it basically hasn't stopped raining. Which means today, like all [...]

Lawyer: Beaten U.Md. Student Just Singing Notre Dame Fight Song

Remember Jack McKenna? The 21-year-old University of Maryland student whose videotaped post-game pummeling by riot police in March sparked local outrage and generated national headlines?
Turns out, McKenna, seen here pumping his fists and skipping in the direction of cops on horseback just prior to the beatdown, was singing another school's fight song at the time.
"Cheer, cheer for old Notre [...]

More Footage of College Park-Area Chaos

Prosecutors in Prince George's County are considering whether to file charges against police officers involved in the highly publicized beating of University of Maryland student John J. McKenna during a raucous campus-area celebration of the Terapins' basketball victory over Duke on March 3, WTOP reports.
Footage of the incident, released yesterday by McKenna's attorney, has now [...]

Prince George’s Riot Cops Pummel Collegian

WJLA-TV has disturbing video that shows University of Maryland student John J. McKenna, 19, beaten by riot police. The incident happened on March 3, near campus, as late night revelers celebrated a basketball victory. Prince George's County police cited 28 people that night, but McKenna would reportedly suffer more than cuff marks.
In the video, he appears to [...]

‘Without Bias’: A Great Documentary Is Made About A Local Tragedy

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news that Len Bias had died. All I can remember being told was that Bias had died after using cocaine. And that it had been his first time. It was a scary story. And it worked as a scary story. I never tried cocaine; I [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Jim Zorn Will Definitely Be the Head Coach, Hopefully?

Another Redskins game that ain't a sellout. Another Redskins game that won't be blacked out.
The graphic above is from the latest installment of the now regular email blasts that precede every home game.
But no matter what your head tells you, remember: Dan Snyder says the Redskins have a waiting list of "over 200,000" names of [...]

Where Do Local Schools Stand On the Amethyst Initiative?

Since its founding last year, the Amethyst Initiative, a campaign to initiate a public debate about the merits of a 21 year old drinking age, has been growing every day.  The Initiative, started by John McCardell, President Emeritus of Middlebury College, now boasts the support of the Presidents and Chancellors of a whopping 135 [...]

The Best Line in Today’s Washington Post

There's quite a line in today's Washington Post Metro story on the crackdown on partying at the University of Maryland.
Campus police confiscate kegs. They ask students not to congregate in the streets. Also among the things officers do during a night shift described by reporter Jenna Johnson: "check parking garages for rocking cars."

Swine Flu Hits University of Maryland: Will Students Really Wipe Down Doorknobs?

"Nothing's slower than a sick turtle," reads an anti-swine flu advert at the University of Maryland, reminding student Terps to practice proper coughing-and-sneezing etiquette and to wash their hands often.
Still, as of yesterday, there were 172 suspected cases of H1N1 at the university, according to the Associated Press. And the health center has canceled all [...]