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Fenty’s Travel: He’s No Better Than Tony Williams

Earlier today, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty engaged in a Q&A at Nathans restaurant; there, owner Carol Joynt asked him about his controversial recent travel to the United Arab Emirates.
He roundly defended the trip, calling the criticism he received the same-old, same-old: “I think you expect on every given day on every given issue that [...]

Fenty Talks “Best Practices” With Abu Dhabi Honcho

UPDATE, 2:40 P.M.: Some financing details from mayor's office: UAE paid Fenty's freight; Fenty picked up the tab for his family.
What was Mayor Adrian M. Fenty up to during his mystery-shrouded UAE getaway last week?
Rare details come from a report from Mideast news site Al Bawaba, which appears to have reprinted a news release touting [...]