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The Rent Is Too Damn High, Even With a Degree

An area defined by its cutthroat politics and gridlocked traffic doesn’t exactly scream “welcome.” But according to and, D.C. is the best city in America for recent college graduates.
With a $39,000 average entry-level salary and low unemployment rate, the District has the highest opportunity and earning potential of cities in the U.S., says Jennifer [...]

Unemployment In D.C. Is Really Low, If You’re White

An economist at the Economic Policy Institute sends along a chart estimating D.C. unemployment numbers from pre-recession levels until now. As expected, it's pretty bad. For some people, that is. The fourth quarter of last year ended with black unemployment at 20.3 percent—and white unemployment at 3.3 percent. And may even be generous, since the [...]

The Needle: Mighty Mo Edition

Hot Shoppes Is Back: The sprawling Marriott empire—with hotels everywhere from Rosslyn to Romania—started out as a root beer stand at 14th Street and Park Road NW. What came between that business and today's behemoth? Hot Shoppes. The restaurant chain closed in 1999, but in its prime, outposts were all over the District, the area, [...]

Happy Unemployment Day

Another month, another sign that the economy isn't improving: the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the unemployment rate—9.1 percent—is unchanged, and about 103,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. In a timely move, The Root D.C. went over to Ward 8, where unemployment is at 20 percent, to talk to some skilled [...]

The Needle: Life In The Fast Lane Edition

Drive Your Cares Away: Suburban living may not be for everyone, but it's supposed to come with a definite advantage over an urban homestead—cheaper rent and/or mortgage payments. Turns out that's not really the case. Transportation costs eat up most of the savings from living farther from downtown, a new study reports. Homes may be [...]

The Needle: This Could Be The Last Edition Edition

Work to Bike Day: Every year, Bike to Work Day seems like more of an anachronism in the District, where the sight of people in suits cruising along in bike lanes in the morning has become more and more common. That doesn't mean it's entirely safe out on the roads though—early today, as Bike to [...]

Michelle Rhee’s Big Victory: Loose Lips Daily

As much local politics as humanly possible. Send your tips, releases, stories, events, etc. to And get LL Daily sent straight to your inbox every morning!
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Defendants Often Left Door Unlocked, Ex-Housemate Testifies In Wone Case," "Friendly Card Game Leads To Homicide At Salina Restaurant," "Witness Recalls Defendant in Wone Case Talking About [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Thrilled, Hopeful, and Unsurprising” Edition

Happy NaBloPoMo! Or for the less tech-savvy: National Blog Posting Month. Apparently, there are bloggers who have vowed to post every day for the month of November! Don’t worry, slacker-bloggers with other responsibilities—City Desk has plenty of posts to go around. That’s what interns are for.
The New York Times is asking readers to look back [...]

Big Worry: District Homeless Shelters Are Already At Capacity

This is a bad sign. The weather is still pretty decent. But homeless shelters are at capacity or over capacity, according to recent census figures.  On October 27, there were no vacancies for homeless men, and shelters for homeless women were over capacity by two. There were zero vacancies listed for homeless families.
Yesterday, there were [...]

D.C. Posts Highest Rise In Unemployment

WaPo reports today that D.C. has a new honor: the nation's unemployment leader. Does this include the DCPS debacle? Or the fallout over homeless services cuts?
WaPo's Frank Ahrens writes:
"Washington D.C. had the highest percentage rise in unemployment in September, with the jobless rate jumping from 11.1 percent to 11.4 percent, the Labor Department's Bureau of [...]

D.C. Unemployment: It’s Worse than You Think

The District's unemployment rate "rose dramatically" to over 11% last month, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. There were about 36,000 Washingtonians without jobs in August.
11% is certainly not pretty, but D.C.'s actual unemployment rate is probably higher, because the unemployment rate that appears in the newspaper is often misleading.
The problem? It doesn't include what [...]