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Say no to fast food, some are saying.

Jason Goolsby: “I Want Justice”

“I just don’t want it to happen again."

Collective Failure: UDC Resists Adjuncts’ Unionization

A union has successfully organized adjunct professors across the city. Why has UDC been a holdout?

District Line Daily: Marion Barry U.

UDC could be renamed the "Marion S. Barry Jr. University of the District of Columbia."

UDC Nixes 17 Faculty Jobs

The board of trustees of the University of the District of Columbia voted last night to remove 17 faculty positions from the public institution, a move that follows the elimination last year of more than a dozen majors and programs as part of the Vision 2020 plan to "right-size" the school amid shrinking funds and enrollment. [...]

District Line Daily: The Education Issue

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Our latest issue focuses on higher education in D.C. Find out why UDC decided to save its [...]

Jock Strapped: Why UDC Saved Its Athletics Department

For more than five years, Zachary Kjeldsen worked as a high school lacrosse coach in Miami. He sent plenty of kids to college programs but had never played at that level himself, or even graduated from a four-year college. So when Kjeldsen completed his associate degree at Miami-Dade College, he decided he had to give it [...]

Photo: Marion Barry Reacts to Being Introduced as Former Mayor Williams

UDC, April 27

Jeff Ruland Has UDC Basketball Rolling Again

The UDC Firebirds are 9-1, with the only loss coming last month to D-1 and Atlantic 10 squad Duquesne.
It's not too early to start buzzing about a return to March mini-Madness: In 1982, UDC won a NCAA D-II national title with a team that was coached by Dunbar alum and local playground legend Willie Jones [...]

WPFW May Move to UDC

Programmers and management still remain in a face-off following last night's lengthy and emotional meeting of WPFW's listener-elected Local Station Board. But the future of the "Jazz and Justice" community radio station is now a lot more secure, at least physically: General Manager John Hughes told the assembly that the station may soon close an [...]

The Needle: Defecation Edition

Public Transit Turned Public Restroom: The Metro is good for a lot of things—getting around town, mysteriously stopping underground for a while, finding new and exciting ways to be annoyed by tourists. And now, apparently, also defecation. A rider found a pile of human shit on a pedestrian bridge between the Metro and VRE stations [...]

The Needle: Adrian Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Edition

Mayor Who?: Challenging electoral petitions is always a nasty business, since the whole point of the exercise is to keep potential competitors off the ballot—lest they get more votes than you. But even by the usual standards, Sekou Biddle's challenges against various D.C. Council at-large candidates look like they could get ugly. Biddle is challenging [...]

Is D.C. General Suitable For Children?

That's the question attorney Matthew Fraidin was tasked with finding out. Fraidin, an associate professor at UDC's David A. Clarke School of Law and visiting professor at Georgetown University, had been tapped by Councilmember Tommy Wells to investigate the conditions at D.C. General's emergency family shelter and figure out if the abandoned hospital was a [...]

Strip Club Shocker: “Vaginas Can Be Seen!”

After months of ruckus, neighbors aiming to block the Stadium Club’s liquor license renewal sure made a lousy case at Wednesday’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) hearing.
In June, residents in the Ward 5 neighborhoods abutting the club-cum-steakhouse submitted two petitions, one with five signatures and another with 21, arguing the establishment was disrupting peace, [...]

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