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Jock Strapped: Why UDC Saved Its Athletics Department

For more than five years, Zachary Kjeldsen worked as a high school lacrosse coach in Miami. He sent plenty of kids to college programs but had never played at that level himself, or even graduated from a four-year college. So when Kjeldsen completed his associate degree at Miami-Dade College, he decided he had to give it [...]

UDC Again Flush With Players, Ends Long Skid

The Caps and Wiz won their last games to end long losing streaks. Big deal. Their skeins only dated back to the beginning of the month.
UDC's men's basketball team hadn't won this year.
Like, not a single game. In all of 2010.
But with Sunday's 84-66 defeat of Virginia State, UDC stopped a 25-game slide that dated [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: UDC’s Gym, the Finest Place in Town to Take a Dump?

This week for the suddenly revitalized and again adored print version of Washington City Paper, I, um, repurposed a piece about the UDC basketball team having to finish up the season with five players, and sometimes fewer.
For the newspaper, my story is headlined "Four on the Floor." Go pick up a copy! Patronize the advertisers [...]