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Uber to Virginia: See You in Traffic Court

A day after the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles directed Uber and Lyft to stop operating in the commonwealth, Uber says it will cover the costs for any of its drivers who are cited for disobeying the order.
The Virginia DMV issued cease and desist letters to the car services Thursday, writing that both firms are operating illegally [...]

District Line Daily: Problem Not Solved in D.C. Fire Dept.

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Embattled D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe announced he will retire in July. But the problems aren't over [...]

D.C. Cabs Could Get Surge Pricing

One of the key differences between D.C. taxicabs and their app-based competitors, like Uber, is that the government strictly regulates uniform prices for all cabs, while non-taxis are allowed to have their prices respond to market demands, with prices fluctuating at any given moment.
But now, under a new proposal first reported on by WAMU, the D.C. [...]

In Paris, Uber-Cab Wars Turn Violent

The Uber-D.C. taxicab battles have nothing on what's happening in Paris right now.
Cab drivers in the French capital are on strike, protesting what the say is the unfair competition that car services like Uber bring to the market. During a protest earlier today near Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, some cab drivers smashed the windows, damaged the hood, [...]

District Line Daily: A Visit From Snyder

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to

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Although Pigskins owner Dan Snyder has refused to change his team's name, he and team officials [...]

Warning: There Will Be Uber Price Surges on New Year’s Eve

The always-controversial Uber came under extra heavy fire last week when New York City customers complained of exorbitant price surges during a snowstorm, with fares jumping to seven times their normal amount.
But the customers weren't getting any sympathy from the libertarian disrupters over at Uber. After all, this is the core of the Uber business [...]

Uber to Deliver Christmas Trees Tomorrow

Uber has already shaken up the taxi industry. Now it's disrupting Christmas.
Tomorrow only, the ride-service app is partnering with Home Depot to deliver seven- to eight-feet-tall Fraser Fir Christmas trees to customers for $135. Users just have to request an UberTREE on their app, and then their Uber account will be charged and the tree [...]

Uber CEO: Writers Shouldn’t Think We’re Responsible When Things Go Wrong

Uber, seemingly in permanent murky water in D.C., has a funny way of playing damage control.
Last Saturday night, Bridget Todd, an activist and former lecturer at Howard University tweeted at the company that her Uber driver choked her after she kissed her husband in the back of the vehicle because he didn't approve of her [...]

Take an Uber to Tonight’s Game, Sit in Lots of Traffic

The only thing that says America as much as football is a phone app that allows you to hail a fancy black sedan and private driver from your couch. Tonight, you can get both for a flat rate.
Uber is offering trips to and from FedEx field for the Pigskins' season opener for $65 for an UberBLACK [...]

D.C. Cab Commission Says New Regulations Not About Uber

The D.C. Taxicab Commission has been slammed this week for passing regulations that restrict competition and effectively prevent luxury sedan service Uber's new offshoot, UberX, from operating in the city.
In the District, traditional taxicabs and sedan services operate under different sets of regulations. For instance, a sedan cannot be hailed by customers on the side [...]

The Needle: Calm Before the Storm Edition

Derecho II: Electric Boogalo: Call it another derecho or not, but tonight and tomorrow could bring damaging thunderstorms to the region. (Even the congressional baseball game could be canceled!) Those of you who went without power for days last summer may just want to leave town now. -3

Uber Fight Will Turn Millenials Into Republicans, or at Least This Guy Thinks So

The news of yet another regulatory fight over once-and-future controversial sedan service Uber has provoked eye-rolls and, from Mayor Vince Gray's chief of staff, moaning about "the Uber zombie hordes." But not everyone is so blasé about capitalism! American Conservative Union Executive Director Gregg Keller thinks that Uber's Washington woes could help Republicans win [...]

The Needle: Uber Debate Returns

Forever War: Can you muster enough feeling—on a Friday, no less!—to care about another bout between once-controversial sedan service Uber and the D.C. Taxicab Commission? This time, it involves Uber Taxi. -4
Tunnel of Love: Metro is launching a new week-long pass aimed at people who take frequent, short trips. +2

D.C. Cabs Should Accept Credit Cards By End of August, Commission Says

You'd be forgiven for being skeptical after so many delays, but the D.C. Taxicab Commission voted today to require that all D.C. cabs install the equipment to accept credit card payments by Aug. 31. For real this time.
But it's not all good news for passengers: The new meters will also come with a $0.25 base [...]

Taxi Commission Will Regulate Rideshare Drivers

Call it the Uber regulation fight, round 2. When ridesharing service Sidecar, which essentially lets anyone with a decent car and a clean record become a driver for hire, launched in Washington last month, D.C. Taxi Cab Commission chairman Ron Linton characterized himself as "surprised," but held back on regulating Sidecar. But today, the commission [...]