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Uber Creates Safety Advisory Board

An inaugural board of six members will consult the company on safety issues across the jurisdictions it serves.

Analysis: D.C. May Lack a Robust ‘Gig Economy’

"It is possible that the District's gig workers... are not District residents."

Lyft Line Coming to D.C. Next Week

You can carpool via Lyft starting Nov. 19.

Uber: Trips From Wards 7, 8 Have Increased By 600 Percent in the Last Year

And you don't have to wait as long for a ride there, the company says.

Are D.C.’s Sharing-Economy Workers Getting the Short End of the Stick?

Pro-labor groups argue that workers for services like Uber, Postmates, and Instacart are being mislabeled as independent contractors.

Uber to Launch Carpooling Service in D.C. Next Week

Mark your calendars for Oct. 22, District commuters.

D.C. Airports Authority Approves Rideshare Presence at Reagan and Dulles

Come November, Uber and Lyft will be more regularly available at an airport near you.

Uber’s Next Fight With the D.C. Council? A Wheelchair-Accessibility Bill

The company opposes legislation that would require them to report the number of requests for these vehicles.

District Line Daily: Gray Reportedly Rejects Plea Deal

The D.C. school chief says next year's budget is the year for high schools.

The Needle: Are You Happy Yet?

UNIQLO. Is it coming to D.C.?

You Can Order a Flu Shot from Uber Today

Uber is trying to shake up the public health field.

Hailing a Cab in D.C.? There May Soon Be a City-Run App for That

The District gets into the on-demand taxi game.

D.C. Cabs Could See 10 Percent Drop in Ridership This Year, Says Cab Commission

How much is Uber digging into D.C. cabs' business?

Hailo Cuts Prices, Hires “Rent Is Too Damn High” Guy to Call Out Uber

Hailo says Uber's prices are just too damn high.

The Needle: Ride Sabotaging

Playing Nice: Here is Uber's playbook for sabotaging Lyft. It includes equipping independent contractors with burner phones and credit cards, and brand ambassadors that recruit its competitors' drivers. And you thought D.C. cabs had it bad when it came to Uber warfare.  -6
Get Me Out of Here? eBay says the most popular item D.C. residents purchase on the site is [...]